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Holiday Gift Guide | Decorate Your Quarters with These Trek Home Finds

Ready your starship for any surprise inspection that arises this holiday season!

Illustrated banner of Star Trek deltas as wrapped presents / Rob DeHart

As you open your doors and invite friends and loved ones over during the holidays, now's the perfect time to refresh your home and prepare yourself for any routine surprise inspection.

From the Bridge to captain's cabin, from the mess hall to your lower deckers' quarters, and everything in between, we're highlighting a couple recommendations to help spruce up any area of your home.

Star Trek: First Contact: The Making of the Classic Film hardcover

Celebrate the landmark 25th anniversary of Star Trek: First Contact by taking a deep dive into the stories behind this beloved film. This beautiful coffee-table book is full to the brim of archival material, behind-the-scenes photography, concept art, production designs, featuring rare and previously unseen production art and new and exclusive cast and crew interviews, and much more!

U.S.S. Enterprise STAR TREK Mirror, Mirror Collection Storyteller Tree Topper

Add the flagship of the United Federation of Planets — with the theme song to the original Star Trek television series—to your holiday celebrations with this U.S.S. Enterprise Christmas tree topper. Plug it into the included power adapter for constant illumination, then press the button — either on the included Starfleet insignia remote control or on the top of the tree topper — to start a sound and light show featuring the music of "Theme from Star Trek." Interested in more ornaments? Take a look at the Star Trek Shop's Ornament Guide.

Limited Edition Romulan Ale (Inaugural Release)

Star Trek Spirits - Romulan Ale

Years in the making, the legendary Romulan Ale is on its way. Impress your hosting captain with these numbered, limited edition bottles feature premium Romulan Vodka. Don't miss out on this inaugural release!

Tom Paris Commemorative Plate

What can one say about Thomas Eugene Paris that hasn't already been said? Starfleet's finest? Sure! I mean, how many beings can claim to have traveled infinitely fast and lived to tell the tale? The answer is two, but that's not germane to why we are here.

No - we are here to dedicate this commemorative plate featuring the graceful lines of the Intrepid-Class U.S.S. Voyager, and her inimitable pilot, Tom Paris. Putting this plate on display in your home tells the world you're a hooman to be reckoned with - someone with style with an eye towards quality, fine things, and a knowledge that Starfleet Officers are among the finest in the Galaxy.

Star Trek Starfleet Jacquard Duvet & Sham

Pottery Barn Teen

Cadets need a great night’s sleep before heading back to class. Pottery Barn Teen's Star Trek bedding is crafted from supremely soft cotton, keeping you comfy as you rest up. Patterned with the iconic Starfleet symbol on a neutral color palette, this set is a cozy addition to your sleeping quarters. Shop here for the full bedding set.

Star Trek 2023 Daily Box Calendar

For the first time in full color, the Star Trek Daily 2023 Day-to-Day Calendar celebrates the iconic sci-fi franchise with photos and illustrations of characters, tech, and ships from more than five decades of Federation history every day of the year.

Consumer Products product shot of a tridimensional chess set based on the one from Star Trek: The Original Series

Enter an intergalactic chess expedition with the official Star Trek Tridimensional Chess Set. The authentic prop replica of the iconic Tridimensional Chess Set, as seen on Star Trek: The Original Series, includes 32 die-cast pieces that measure approximately 1.5 inches tall. Experience and interact with the 3D chess set before making your purchase! Click here to see how this chess set will look in your home, office or anywhere in between.

Star Trek Enterprise Snow Globe

Pottery Barn Teen

Celebrate the Star Trek universe with this Enterprise Snow Globe. Shimmering snow surrounds the iconic starship atop a textured moon surface, making it a great gift for any fan of the franchise.

Star Trek: Prodigy Postcard Set

Whether you're engaging in the Earth-based tradition of snail mail or in need of something that doubles as thank you notecards post-holiday season, we've got you covered with seven postcard prints featuring characters from Star Trek: Prodigy.

The Star Trek Cookbook

Learn how to make meals that are out of this world with this indispensable guide to the food of the stars! Perfect for every fan, this updated edition of The Star Trek Cookbook from the New York Times bestselling author comes with brand-new and delicious recipes, tantalizing visuals, and easy-to-follow instructions and advice to make the best foods from the future.

Property of the U.S.S. Enterprise Ceramic Camper Style Coffee Mug

Enjoy your morning coffee or tea with this camper-style mug that features the U.S.S. Enterprise spacecraft logo on the front and the Star Trek spacecraft on the back. Our camper style mug holds up to 20-ounces of your favorite hot or cold beverage. Not just for coffee or earl grey tea, this novelty coffee mug can also be used as a paperweight, storage for pens or loose change, isolinear chips, or even mug cakes.

Star Trek Electrostatic Beer Mug

Want to change the hot coffee for a Romulan ale? No matter where you go to live new adventures, this mug accompanies you everywhere!

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