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Holiday Gift Guide | Trek Around in These Threads

Nothing says holiday cheer like a festive jumper or cozy scarf!

Illustrated banner of holiday-themed Star Trek iconography like the delta shaped like a present / Rob DeHart

With daylight shorter and the air colder, we can't think of a better time to get a jump on the holiday season and deck you and your loved ones in some cozy Star Trek threads!

While everyone knows the best way to infuse some holiday spirit into our days is to don some classic holiday jumpers, we've also peppered in a couple items that you wouldn't mind wearing year-round.

Female model wearing Lovarzi's Star Trek: Discovery United Federation of Planets beanie out in the snow

Take the beliefs of the Federation – of tolerance, freedom, and justice – wherever you go! Featuring a repeated Star Trek: Discovery badge design, this warm and comfortable hat is topped off with an embroidered patch displaying the UFP insignia, as issued by the Chamber of the President. Just don't wear it in the Mirror Universe or fear the vengeance of the Terran Empire!

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 40th Anniversary Holiday Knit Sweater

Your Star Trek marathons just got a cozy upgrade. Made of soft knit materials, this sweater is comfy enough to wear all holiday season long. Featuring Khan with his iconic pendant knitted into the design, this sweater is the perfect holiday style for any Trek fan!

Merry Trekmas Holiday Jumper

It is futile to resist Holiday Cheer with this Trekmas Jumper! No matter which quadrant you call home, make sure to pick up this jumper exclusive to Forbidden Planet!

Three lads wearing the Numskull Star Trek 'Trek the Halls' Ugly Sweater Jumpers in an office

Looking to show off that you’re part of Picard’s famous U.S.S. Enterprise crew at any holiday party? Luckily for you, we’ve got the perfect winter garment for that! This 100% knitted Christmas jumper rocks a design inspired by the U.S.S. Enterprise the next generation crew uniforms whilst capturing the festive spirit with its classic Nordic design with traditional yuletide decorations such as snowflakes and diamonds.

Star Trek Universe

This Star Trek Schematics Holiday Knit Sweater will get any Star Trek fan into the ho-ho-holiday spirit. From caroling on the U.S.S. Enterprise to baking your favorite holiday treats, you will love showing off your holiday spirit and love for Star Trek with this Star Trek Schematics Holiday Knit Sweater.

PBteen Star Trek pajamas

Pottery Barn Teen

Beam down for bedtime with our ultracomfy Star Trek pajamas. Crafted from the softest cotton percale, these essentials keep you stylish while you snooze amongst the stars.

Semper Exploro tee

San Francisco Fleet Yards. The Federation space station that launched countless starships — most notably the Enterprise. Emblazoned with the words 'Semper Exploro,' this tee is a rallying cry for every explorer in the galaxy.

Star Trek - Trek the Halls Shirt

Boldly go where no one has gone before with this holiday style tee!

Star Trek: The Original Series Holiday Scarf

The perfect cold weather present for fans of all eras.

The Original Series established so many elements that made Star Trek instantly recognizable and memorable, and inspired all subsequent iterations of the show. This exclusively-designed pattern combines timeless iconography, notably the Command badge and well-known phrase "To Boldly Go", with pine trees and snowflakes. This scarf will keep you toasty while you explore the Final Frontier.

Popfunk Classic Star Trek Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt & Stickers

If you're ready to give it all you've got and warp into the next light year, you need one of these pullover hoodie sweatshirts! In addition, you'll receive two exclusive die-cut stickers.

Star Trek: Picard The Jean-Luc Sweater

Jean-Luc Picard exudes elegance and appeal. Whoever your favorite space captain may be, it's impossible to deny that Picard is beloved by all. A sophisticate, a Shakespearean, a tea drinker, a profound thinker, and a decisive leader, his ideals belong in every century. Be true to your prime directive and live up to your code in this understated, comfortable sweater.  The Star Trek: Picard The Jean-Luc Sweater is very soft to the touch, but it will hold its shape for many voyages. A rich red color, it's wonderful for the holidays, for daily wear, and for reuniting with old friends from across the galaxy.

Star Trek: The Original Series Uhura The Future Is Female Shirt

Look to the future and rep our beloved comms officer, Uhura!

I just boldly went baby onesie

What better way to turn that stinking mess into a laughing matter than with a onesie that tells the whole world “I just boldly went”? After all, everybody poops, right? Humans, Vulcans, Romulans, Klingons… You might as well share your junior cadet’s achievement with the world while the propensity for pooping in public still has the potential to be adorable.

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