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How to Pitch Stories to accepts pitches for essays, reported work, features, and more. Below, you'll find a few general tips for pitching to our Managing Editor and staff. If your pitch is accepted, your assignments will be contracted and paid. Writers from outside of the United States are more than welcome. We are interested in pitches on the following topics (as they relate to Star Trek) for 2024

  • Star Trek: Discovery – The highly anticipated series returns with an action-packed fifth and final season that takes our crew on an adventure across the galaxy. Let us know how you connect with the series that kicked off Star Trek’s modern era! Did any of the series’ crew, guest stars, and/or storylines leave an impression on you?

  • Heritage and Awareness Months – March is Women's History Month. May marks Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Jewish American Heritage Month, and Mental Health Awareness Month, while June marks LGBTQ Pride Month. September is Latinx Heritage Month. In addition to months, there are a number of days that recognizes one's heritage and identity. Has any of the series’ portrayals resonated with you?

  • Points of First Contact - In addition to the epic conclusion to Star Trek: Discovery, 2024 also marks other great entry points into Star Trek with the 15th anniversary of Star Trek (2009) and the 45th anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. We'd love to hear how you got into Star Trek, whether it was from friends and/or loved ones, or just by happenstance. Or if you've used certain episodes or films to get your friends into it?

  • Star Trek Captains – Everyone loves Kirk and Picard, but let’s give it up for other decorated Federation officers. Do you have a pitch around the captaincy of Benjamin Sisko, Philippa Georgiou, Gabriel Lorca, Michael Burnham, Jonathan Archer, Christopher Pike, Kathryn Janeway, Carol Freeman, or Dal?

  • Senior Officers, Bridge Crew, and You! - It's not just captains that make going boldly and exploring new worlds possible. Where would we be without the likes of O'Brien, Chekov, EMH, Chapel, Yar, Detmer, Dax, T'Pol, etc.? And let's not forget the Lower Deckers or Prodigy cadets-in-training. Let us know who you connect with most!

  • Star Trek Films – From Star Trek: The Motion Picture to The Undiscovered Country to First Contact to Star Trek Beyond, and everything in-between, Star Trek films continued the adventures of our beloved various crews and served as entry points for a lot of Star Trek fans. 

    In addition to anniversaries for Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek (2009), other anniversaries this year includes the 40th anniversary of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, the 35th anniversary of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, and 30th anniversary of Star Trek Generations!

  • Ahoy! Shore Leave, Captain’s Holiday, and More – As we dream of warm temps and inch closer to spring break and summer holiday, we want to hear about your favorite crew vacations and getaways. Also, if you’ve embarked on the Star Trek: The Cruise or Star Trek: Missions (or any other event/convention), we want to hear about your experience!
We are always interested in pitches on the following evergreen topics:
  • Current world events and how those relate back to Star Trek.
  • Timely responses to recent Star Trek episodes. This is not a call for recaps. It’s a call for deeper looks at various aspects that might have been introduced or explored in an episode.
  • Interviews with one-off Star Trek guest stars.
  • Trek-related essays (We will also consider video essay pitches on a case-by-case basis.)
  • Personal essays that relate back to Trek.
  • Any reported work that ties current events back into Trek, including...
  • Reported pieces about current space exploration (NASA, SpaceX, ISSA, etc.)
  • Reported pieces about technology relevant to Trek. (ie, Do you know of someone developing an EpiPen that operates like a hypospray? We want to know about it.)
  • Deep dives (Did you reread Planet X and find some revelatory detail that warrants 1500-2000 words? Hit us up.)
  • Listicles (we're eager to hear about your top 10 Class M Planets!)
  • Interviews with and profiles of interesting Star Trek fans.
  • Pieces that center voices from marginalized communities.
Any other creative ideas you might have! Please make sure that they do not fall under the category of things we explicitly do not want:
  • Pitches for Star Trek products. Star Trek license holders should email their Consumer Products contact(s) for all requests related to products and posts on
  • Episode recaps for any Trek shows, past or present
  • Spec scripts for current or former Star Trek series
  • Star Trek series pitches
  • Star Trek fan films
  • Star Trek fan fiction
How to Submit:
  • Before you submit a pitch, read all of the below Terms and Conditions.
  • Pitches should be sent to Pitches that is interested in commissioning will receive an email in response. Pitches that we are not interested in will not receive a response. This means that we do not send rejection emails. Please allow us at least 10 business days for responses to evergreen pitches.
  • Please use the following email subject line format to ensure that we see your pitches: "PITCH: TK TK TK"
  • If your pitch is timely, please use the following subject line format: "URGENT PITCH: TK TK TK"
  • Please send pitches. Do not send completed work.
  • The more unique your pitch is, the better!
  • generally does not publish articles over 2000 words.
  • Please don’t forget to introduce yourself and provide clips that demonstrate your ability to write whatever it is you happen to be pitching. Please do not provide clips from personal blogs, personal websites, personal pages, etc.
  • Get to your point! We don't always need an 800 word pitch. Make sure that what you’re pitching is clear within the first 2-3 sentences so that we don’t have to dig for your thesis. Then you can build your case for why the reader should care.
  • Please make it clear how you're going to execute your piece! Is this an essay? Is it a personal essay? Is it a reported article? Is this a list? Is it a hybrid? You're going to interview HOW many people in just 600 words? Please be sure to layout your format and plan.
  • Relatedly, please include an approximate word count and propose a filing date.
  • Overall, do be sure to come through with a complete idea. We are here to help you tweak and shape your pitches, but not give you your pitches!
Terms and Conditions: 

By submitting the pitch material (the "Material") to for consideration by, you are representing that you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions and consent to be bound by them. You acknowledge that no confidential relationship exists between you and, nor is there one intended or created by the submission of the Material. All references herein to “” or “CBS” will include CBS Studios Inc., CBS Broadcasting Inc.,, their respective parents, any of their affiliates and subsidiaries, as well as the respective directors, officers, agents, employees, consultants, successors, licensee and/or assigns (collectively, “CBS”) of each of them. 

  1. Except as otherwise specifically stated herein, you represent that: 
    (a) The Material is completely original;
    (b) You have the sole and exclusive right to grant all rights in the Material;
    (c) You have exclusive rights in the title of the Material, if any, as regards its use in connection with the Material; and
    (d) Neither the Material nor CBS’ review, use and/or publication thereof will violate any personal or property rights of any third party. 
  2. In consideration for’s review of the Material, you hereby release and discharge CBS from any liability in connection with CBS’s use of the Material. You will indemnify, defend (only if so requested by CBS) and hold CBS harmless from and against any claim, loss, obligation, liability or expense (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and costs) that may be asserted against or incurred by CBS in connection with the Material, any use of the Material by CBS and/or any breach by you of any of your representations, warranties or agreements hereunder. 
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