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Which Star Trek Captain Said This?

Celebrate the return of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds with a fun quiz: Match the quote with the captain!

Captains Quiz

On the hit series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, streaming exclusively on Paramount+, with new episodes from the 10-episode second season now dropping weekly on Thursdays, Captain Pike can be relied upon to deliver directives, if not wisdom, from the bridge. And he's not alone.

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The captains of the Star Trek universe are as renowned for their words as for their actions – and that got us thinking: Can you correctly name the Star Trek captain just by reading their words? We're about to find out!

Match the following 15 quotes with the captain who said it. And when you're done, sign up for Paramount+, the home of Star Trek. Signing up is easy. So, don't miss out! As a certain captain says, "The future is what we make it.”

Okay, that one's Pike! Good luck on the rest. Hit it! (Yes, also Pike … !)