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RECAP | Star Trek: Discovery 508 - 'Labyrinths'

Long will he reign!

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains story details and plot points for Star Trek: Discovery.

At the Eternal Gallery and Archive, Book takes on the personification of the Archivist in 'Labyrinths'

Previously, Paul Stamets reminds Sylvia Tilly that they must get to the Progenitors' power first and keep it safe, with their latest clue — a metallic card with a Betazoid text inscription of Labyrinths of the Mind on it — as the most important thing to the Federation at the moment. Focusing on the clue, Tilly and Adira seek out Jett Reno, due to her illustrious past, on how can they locate the very specific handwritten Betazoid manuscript. The engineer suggests they try the Eternal Gallery and Archive, which changes its location every 50 years or so. Its current location may be in the Badlands.

Unfortunately for Discovery, a Breen dreadnaught is heading their way with Primarch Ruhn demanding the fugitives Moll and L'ak handed over to them, lest the Federation risk a war with the Breen Imperium. Burnham deduces Ruhn cannot assume command without L'ak, who reveals he's the Scion — the direct descendant of the late Breen emperor. However, he succumbs to his injuries following a skirmish with Burnham and exacerbated by an overdose of tricordrazine.

In L'ak's final moments, his wife tearfully tells him this was not how their story was supposed to end. Moll strikes a desperate deal with L'ak's uncle telling him the Federation is hiding a power so strong they won't need the Scion to claim the throne. She can help him secure that power if they take her with them. Ruhn tells the Federation the price to avoid war with the Imperium is to hand over Moll. Nhan relays Dr. Vellek's belief that since the Progenitor technology could be used to create life, it might also be used to revive the dead, which is what Moll is truly after. Despite Book's pleas to not hand Moll over to the Breen, T'Rina states that there is much to be lost if the Federation keeps her.

In Episode 8 of Star Trek: Discovery, "Labyrinths," when Captain Burnham is trapped within a "mindscape" designed to test her worthiness to retrieve the Progenitor's powerful technology, Book, Rayner, and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery must hold off the Breen long enough for her to escape.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Section Banner - Personnel

  • Moll (Malinne Ravel)
  • Primarch Ruhn
  • Arisar
  • Michael Burnham
  • Rayner
  • Sylvia Tilly
  • Gen Rhys
  • Asha
  • Linus
  • William Christopher
  • Gallo
  • Naya
  • Hy'Rell
  • Cleveland "Book" Booker
  • Dr. Hugh Culber
  • Paul Stamets
  • Jett Reno
  • Adira Tal
  • Lorna Jemison
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  • Breen Dreadnaught
  • U.S.S. Discovery-A
  • The Badlands
  • The Eternal Gallery and Archive
Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Section Banner - Event Log

Legions of Breen soldiers strike their truncheons against the deck of Primarch Ruhn's flagship, its cavernous shuttlebay buzzing with smaller vessels. On a platform far above, Ruhn presides over L'ak's funeral, his nephew's face masked by a helmet and his body covered by a sheet bearing the Breen Imperium's symbol. Moll steps forward, quietly promising L'ak's lifeless form that she will fix this. Ruhn silences his troops and states that, while the Scion defied them in life, they will nevertheless honor him in death. The Primarch orders Lieutenant Arisar to remove Moll from L'ak's side, but the Breen officer does so with a surprisingly compassionate demeanor.

Ruhn begins speaking in Moll's language as a courtesy to her, announcing that L'ak's murder will galvanize the other factions behind them. With the power promised to them by Moll — L'ak's joined — they will defeat all who stand against them. A soldier initiates a chant of "For the Scion!," but his subordinates' devotion to L'ak infuriates Ruhn. Sensing the discord, Moll cries out that she can bring their Scion back. Helmeted heads turn to her in unison as she details the potential for the Progenitors' tech, citing Dr. Vellek's belief that it could "renew life." The courier raises her shackled hands, requesting that the Primarch set her free so that she may assist in the noble quest to restore the Scion. Under the scrutinous gaze of his troops, Ruhn acquiesces. However, once the cuffs are removed, the Primarch whispers in Moll's ear and threatens to eviscerate her if she ever speaks to his soldiers again. Her value to him does not extend beyond her ability to help him obtain the Progenitors' technology



The U.S.S. Discovery-A jumps to the Badlands, where a communications buoy beeps in close proximity to the largest plasma storm in the quadrant. On the Bridge, Captain Michael Burnham gathers with Commander Rayner, Lieutenant Sylvia Tilly, and her Bridge crew — Lieutenant Commanders Gen Rhys and Asha, as well as Lieutenants Linus, Christopher, Gallo, and Naya. Tilly describes the Badlands as kind of beautiful in a twisted sort of way. Gallo notes the presence of the communications beacon, and Naya reports that it is made from the same alloy as the Betazoid library card. As Tilly transmits a scan of the card to the beacon, Rayner mentions that Ruhn is almost assuredly on his way there.

The Archive hails Discovery, and a robed Efrosian figure* appears on the Bridge in holographic form. Hy'Rell, one of the sworn order who tend to the Eternal Gallery and Archive, prepares to deliver a cheery speech which describes the Archive as having the largest known collection of historical and cultural artifacts in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants. Aware that the Breen are in pursuit, Captain Burnham politely interrupts and explains they are in a hurry. Unperturbed, Hy'Rell sends coordinates and velocity adjustments, though she warns them to precisely follow her instructions — the Archive is not responsible for any damage, dismemberment, or death that may result from their failure to do so. The hologram of their guest vanishes, and Rayner wonders whether her comment was a joke.

The Discovery heads into the tumultuous, orange-hued plasma storm, its Bridge crew listening as Hy'Rell's voice recounts how the Archive has made its home in the Badlands for nearly a century and uses its uniquely treacherous environs to help protect its collection. As the storm rocks the ship, Burnham requests that the archivist permit them to focus on their journey. Sparks fly, radiation levels rise, and shields drop to 75 percent. Hy'Rell tells them to cut engines, so the ship coasts on its current momentum. Energy discharges strike Discovery and bridge stations flicker, all while radiation levels continue to rise and shields fall to 25 percent. The raucous turbulence ceases as the vessel reaches an oasis within the Badlands.

Discovery approaches the Archive, a gigantic-yet-elegant facility with tall spires and large domes awash in a blue glow. The ship took a beating, but Rayner relays that there are no significant injuries or damage. High levels of Cherenkov radiation — a byproduct of the plasma activity — will prevent them from cloaking, but the Breen won't be able to cloak either. Archivist Hy'Rell returns, overjoyed to see that the visitors made it all in one piece. She will have the Archive lower its shields, but has a small favor to ask. Scans show that there is a Kwejian aboard Discovery, and the Archive has an item from Kwejian in its possession. As it is one of the last remaining artifacts from the planet, they request for Cleveland "Book" Booker to accompany the captain and provide some context on the piece. Burnham promises to check with Book, then stands and hands the conn over to Rayner.

Soon after, Book responds to Burnham's call and enters the Ready Room. The captain conveys the Archive's appeal regarding the Kwejian artifact, and after a moment of disbelief passes, Book appears pleased to accept. He reflects back to when the Federation transferred Moll into Breen custody and apologizes for his outburst. Burnham stands by her tough decision to support the move, though she emphasizes that she does care about Book and what is important to him. Her statement is met with silence, so she leads him to the exit.

Hy'Rell escores Burnham and Book through the aisles at the Eternal Gallery and Archive in 'Labyrinths'


Countless stacks of books and artifacts extend to unimaginable heights — and depths — within the Archive's immense library as numerous archivists traverse its floors. Hy'Rell escorts Burnham and Book through the aisles, seemingly unconcerned about the looming Breen threat. The Breen are contributing members of the Archive, and the facility has extensive experience in dealing with cultures in active conflict with one another. The Archive is here to serve everyone, as long as everyone follows the rules. Those who disobey will be sent to the dungeon — well, it's actually more of an oubliette. Burnham and Book exchange quizzical looks before being guided to one of the Archive's many viewing rooms. 

A thick bound book — Labyrinths of the Mind, the manuscript the captain had requested — sits on a simple wooden table. The Archive's records indicate that Burnham is the first person to have come looking for the tome, which was written by Dr. Marina Derex of Betazed. An accomplished neuroscientist, Derex became an archivist later in life and lived out the remainder of her days in The Archive. Hy'Rell walks Book out in order to take him to another viewing room, leaving Burnham to comb through the text's paper pages. She finds a metal panel concealed within and touches her finger to its center. Light radiates across it…

Meanwhile, Book and Hy'Rell arrive in an identical space. The archivist is amused at the idea of a "Book" visiting her at the library for a change, turning to gesture toward a small case that sits on the room's table. Book wraps his hands around the box, smiling as he realizes it's made of Tuli wood. Emotion overwhelms him as he opens it, only to discover that it contains a cutting of a Kwejian World Root. Hy'Rell tells Book that the item was given to the Archive long ago, and they had recently moved it to a place of honor — it is part of every archivist's sacred duty to ensure that cultures that are lost are never forgotten. Book is free to take the World Root with him, as the Archive considers it his right as one of the last living Kwejian. He holds the box to his chest, agreeing to return someday to let them know what has become of it. Book and Hy'Rell proceed back to Burnham's room and are startled to find the captain lying unconscious on the floor…

In Burnham's mindscape of the Eternal Gallery and Archive, she discovers an Archive version of Book reading an ancient tome in 'Labyrinths'


Burnham opens her eyes, visibly confused and completely alone in her viewing room. In fact, the entire Archive is devoid of other lifeforms, and Discovery does not answer her hail. She calls out once again, though she is shocked when she hears someone making a shushing sound behind her. Burnham turns to find Book reading a book while wearing an archivist's robe. The captain gives the situation some thought and deduces that this isn't real. "Archivist Book" confirms that her consciousness has been transported into a mindscape, a virtual space created from what her neural activity indicates as the most important place in her life.** Archivist Book is a program fashioned by Dr. Derex, and his form was generated from Burnham's subconscious. The captain gazes around the library, recognizing that this is a test — as with the other clues, she must pass in order to get out. Burnham claims she's ready, so Archivist Book directs a desk lamp in her direction…

…just as Dr. Hugh Culber evaluates Captain Burnham's physical body in the real world. She's stable and still unconscious in her viewing room, where Commander Rayner stands with Book and Hy'Rell to inquire what happened. Culber notices what appears to be some sort of nucleonic emitter connected to Burnham's frontal lobe, and it seems to be running a program in her mind.** Transporting her to Discovery could disrupt the nucleonic beam, which might be fatal. Determined to go in after her, Book presses the metallic transmitter hidden in the manuscript, but there is no reaction. The doctor hypothesizes that, since each clue has had a challenge so far, they must assume that this is another test. Unwilling to sit around, Rayner springs into action, sending Hy'Rell for biographical data on Derex.

Within the captain's mind, Burnham wanders the library's enormous collection alongside Archivist Book, who relays that — while the clue is the objective — she needs to figure out the test on her own. Sadly, the manifestation is not allowed to give hints, though he might be able to answer some yes or no questions, depending on what the questions are. Growing frustrated, Michael mutters that her mind should've picked Tilly as her archivist. She perseveres, reasoning that Derex would've included a way to narrow the search. Burnham spots a cabinet which catalogs the library's collection by topic and is enthused by the "HISTORY" section.  

The scientists started the clue trail during the Dominion War, but Jinaal said they wanted it found during a time of peace. The only way to make progress like that happen is by learning from the past — "those who learn history aren't doomed to repeat it" — so Burnham intends to read The Archive's books on the Dominion War. Her archivist slows her momentum when he mentions that, should Burnham fail, the mindscape will shut down and her brain functions will cease. He's apologetic over the security precaution, but Burnham credits Jinaal's willingness to let an itronok devour her as a sign of the extent to which the scientists wished to protect the Progenitors' tech. This is her last chance to turn back and guarantee her own survival, yet the captain is resolute and wishes to continue.

Hy'Rell rushes into the Archive's actual viewing room, presenting Book with a device containing Dr. Derex's biographical data and a list of all materials she accessed during her residence. Book skims through the information, disheartened by the number of texts that Derex had opened while serving as an archivist. Hy'Rell has more bad news — the Breen Dreadnaught has arrived at the beacon. Rayner insists they refuse entry to the Breen, but the Archive does not want to be perceived as taking sides. The commander contacts Discovery and orders the ship to go to Red Alert.

Aboard the Breen dreadnaught, Moll stands besides Arisar as Ruhn stands on his platform in 'Labyrinths'


In the Breen Dreadnaught's command area, Moll listens as Primarch Ruhn converses with Hy'Rell in a ferocious manner. The Breen tracked Discovery's jump signal here, and Ruhn takes a menacing tone with the archivist. Hy'Rell's patience is clearly waning, and she points to the many priceless Breen artifacts, which are kept in The Archive. The Primarch draws concerned looks from Moll and his subordinates when he threatens to turn the library and its collection into ash should his demands not be met. Hy'Rell denies the request and suspends Breen privileges, ending her commentary by saying, "May you gain knowledge elsewhere." The channel is closed, but the Breen have already tracked her signal.

Ruhn commands his crew to enter the plasma storm, but they are hesitant. Moll seizes the chance and remarks that L'ak once told her the Breen have great reverence for their culture and history — but Ruhn does not. In order to locate the Progenitors' tech, the item they seek must be combined with the other clues in Discovery's possession. The Primarch is irritated that Moll has waited to tell him that they need to recover those clues from the Federation ship, and he reaches out to grab the human by the throat. She falls to her knees, and he cautions her not to test his patience again. Moll catches her breath, stealing a look at Lieutenant Arisar, who — despite his helmeted visage — is clearly bothered by Ruhn's outburst.

Trapped within the confines of her own mind, Captain Burnham believes the library's lights have gradually been getting dimmer. She's seated on the floor, surrounded by various books that she’s pulled from the shelves. Archivist Book is too busy reading to pay much attention to her observation, but the captain voices her inability to find any pertinent information in any texts concerning the Dominion War, Betazed history, Trill history, or the Mirror Universe. She turns to her archivist, and he confirms that she's going the wrong way. Burnham is annoyed that he didn't alert her to this earlier, though he reiterates that this is her mindscape — he can help her, but he cannot solve it for her.

In the Eternal Gallery and Archive version of her mindscape, Burnham looks across the table towards the Archivist Book in 'Labyrinths'


Burnham's focus returns to the task at hand, questioning why her subconscious chose the Archive for the test. It's the mission! The mission is here, and that is her priority. Speaking proactively, Archivist Book says that she may be onto something. He holds up Labyrinths of the Mind, causing the captain to assume that the library itself is a maze. She must find her way back to the reading room where this all started in order to retrieve the clue, right? There are mathematical methods for solving mazes, including Trémaux's algorithm. In need of a way to mark her path and eliminate routes, Burnham is pleased when the archivist manifests a sand-filled bucket. She's grateful for this "helpful" version of Book, though he states that Archivist Tilly would have been just as frustrating. Burnham sets to work, pouring sand to denote her path through the aisles.

As Dr. Culber continues to keep a close watch over the captain's body in the real-world Archive, Book and Rayner dive into Derex's reading list — A Comprehensive Guide to Talaxian Hairstyles, Hupyrian Folk Tales, Euclidean geometry — the neuroscientist seemed to have loved to learn new things. A discordant alarm suddenly rings out, and Hy'Rell scrambles back into the room. The Archive's conversation with the Breen did not go well, so the facility has raised its shields. Transport back to Discovery will be impossible for the time being. Book follows the archivist out to assist her in preparing defenses, while Rayner checks in with the Bridge. The Breen Dreadnaught has been detected about two minutes out, and the Federation ship will need to find a way to conceal itself. Unable to cloak, Discovery uses natural cover and retreats back into the plasma storm just before its Breen counterpart emerges into the oasis.

Additional lights fade out in the captain’s mindscape, where Burnham has narrowed down her search for the exit with the bucket of sand and her holopadd's mapping function. She endeavors to eliminate more routes, breathing a sigh of relief when she finally spies the door to her destination. Triumph transforms into tragedy upon entry, as she finds herself back in her subconscious' reading room rather than its reality-based counterpart. Archivist Book chastises her for pursuing an incorrect solution, proclaiming that the scientists who hid the clues did not ask for her. They wanted the technology in the right hands where it could be protected, but who is to say Burnham is one of the "good guys." The captain permits his words to sink in, then comes to the realization that the library's lights are going out. Speaking in an ominous tone, the archivist acknowledges that Burnham is running out of time.

In the physical realm, an urgent notification beeps from Dr. Culber's medical equipment. He informs Rayner that Burnham's cortisol levels are rising — whatever she's experiencing in her mind, she's stressed and scared. The viewing room quakes and its lights flicker. The Breen Dreadnaught has established an energy connection between itself and the Archive. A rotating green beam looks to be drilling into the Archive's shields. The first officer recognizes it as shield-tunneling technology designed to get troops inside and recalls Book to aid him in delaying the Breen forces.

Within the captain's mindscape, the library's shelves are bathed in deep shadow. As Book pages through the manuscript, Burnham paces in an effort to discern what the test may actually be. A glimpse of Labyrinths of the Mind sparks an idea — is she the test? It's her mind, and it picked a construct of Book as her guide because she had spoken to him earlier and was unable to fix things. She goes "more psychobabble" — must she admit that her job is everything or that not completing the mission will leave her uncertain of who she is — desperately grasping for any hint of how to get the clue. Archivist Book's stoic face initially remains unchanged, though he concedes that she has yet to deduce the answer. More lights shut down, but the captain pursues her train of thought. Burnham must go out every day and prove why she deserves her uniform and rank — that she can be counted on and won't fail again. Archivist Book considers her use of the word "again," evoking a harsh retort from the captain and prompting her to opt to find her own way out.

As Discovery hides within the plasma storms, Commander Paul Stamets collaborates with Commander Jett Reno and Ensign Adira Tal in Engineering. How can they disrupt shield-tunneling technology they've never encountered before from a species they know almost nothing about? Adira analyzes a schematic of the Breen Dreadnaught, highlighting that the tunnel has a periodic fluctuation. They're using a harmonic resonance — Adira and Stamets call out in unison — to match the Archive shield frequency! If they make the Breen system think the frequency has changed, it would remodulate and close the tunnel. However, the Breen use difficult-to-hack base duodeca coding.

Reno weighs in, referencing all the odd jobs she had and remembering her stint fixing comms relays near Hysperia.*** She laughs — Hysperians really know how to party. She utilized concentrated positron beams to make remote repairs, which could be set to pulse at any frequency. If they direct such a beam to where the tunnel meets the Archive's shields and set it to a different frequency — Adira and Stamets together again — the tunnel would automatically close! The astromycologist praises Reno, who replies with, "I live to serve." As the plasma storm continues to rattle Discovery, they get to work implementing their solution.

A Breen soldier enters the Eternal Gallery and Archive with a phaser rifle in 'Labyrinths'


Phasers drawn, Rayner and Book navigate the Archive's aisles in a bid to buy their science team time. Guessing the Breen will assault them in groups of four, they select a tactical position with clear sightlines and adequate cover. Book declares that Rayner thinks like a hunter, and the first officer responds that he had to in order to survive the Breen. Stamets communicates that the tunnel has been closed, but some of the soldiers made it into the library. Rayner and Book steel themselves for battle.

On the Breen Dreadnaught, Primarch Ruhn orders his subordinates to repair the tunnel. Moll directs them to a status hologram, which maps Breen invaders within the Archive. A soldier's signal disappears as someone commences with dispatching Ruhn's forces. They tap into the helmet feeds of his boarding party, only to see Book and Rayner taking down Breen — who the Kellerun refers to as "gelatinous assholes" — one by one. Ruhn denies Moll's plea to send her to confront Starfleet, preferring instead to sacrifice as many of his troops as it takes. Moll employs the Primarch's indifference to her advantage, telling Arisar that Ruhn does not "give a shit" about L'ak or any of the Breen under his command.

Rayner and Book burst into the Archive's reading room. The Kwejian has been shot, and the first officer provides support to assist him through the door. Culber inspects the wound — it's a blast to Book's abdominal cavity, and it must be treated in Discovery's Sickbay. The bad news flows in — Captain Burnham's status is unchanged, the Breen have nearly repaired the tunnel, and Discovery is being battered by the plasma storm. Rayner concentrates, concluding that they'll give the captain five more minutes to regain consciousness. If she's not awake by then, Starfleet will evacuate. The clue won't matter if they’re all dead. Book objects to the notion of putting Michael at risk by transporting her, but Rayner apologetically feels this is the only way.

Burnham is trapped in her mindscape of the Eternal Gallery and Archive as the room starts to descend into darkness in 'Labyrinths'


The captain's mindscape is submerged in near complete darkness, as the only illumination emanates from the light fixtures embedded in the room's wooden table. Burnham returns and takes a seat. There's nothing else for her to do, and she confesses that she does not want to die in here. Archivist Book asks if she is afraid of death. Burnham admits she is afraid of a lot, but not of death. She recounts her fear of failing and of not being enough — a good enough captain, friend, partner. Her voice just a whisper, she divulges that the fear sometimes drives her, and she hates how small, weak, and ashamed that makes her feel. Burnham brushes away a tear, disclosing that she's working on it. The captain finds relief in saying it out loud, even if the archivist isn't actually Book. Burnham wishes she had told the real Book that is why she pulled back, but she was too afraid to do so.

Resigned to her fate, the captain asks Archivist Book what the true test was. He simply closes the manuscript before him and declares that she has passed. The Archive's lights pulse back to life, and awe covers Burnham's face. The archivist clarifies — if she is to be the one to protect what the Progenitors left behind, she will need to know and be honest with herself. Reflecting on fear, guilt, and whatever else she may be vulnerable to indicates that Burnham can be trusted to do the right thing with so much power. The manifestation thanks and congratulates her, proclaiming that there is a crystal in Viewing Room 7. When the captain wakes up, she just needs to go in, get it, and break it open. Burnham stands to leave, but the archivist says he must share one last thing about her final destination — the way to get through it.

Captain Burnham's eyes blink open in the physical realm, and Book moves swiftly past Culber to embrace her. As Rayner provides her with a status update on the Breen, Burnham springs into action and guides them to Viewing Room 7. With seconds left until Breen reinforcements reach them, the captain grabs a delicate crystal and smashes it on the floor to reveal the final clue. Breen soldiers transport in and start to fire, but Discovery beams Burnham, Rayner, Book, and Culber out before the deadly energy blasts can strike them.

Burnham and Rayner materialize on Discovery's Bridge, while Book and Culber are sent down to Sickbay. With the room awash in the plasma storm's glow, Burnham secures herself in the captain's chair and orders Commander Lorna Jemison to have Gallo's team route all available power to the ops station. Its shields bolstered, Discovery charges into the oasis to defend the Archive. Burnham's hails the Breen Dreadnaught and attempts to redirect the Imperium's attention to the Starfleet vessel. Ruhn threatens to destroy the Archive and its 1,000 innocent inhabitants if Discovery does not beam over the entire set of clues. The Dreadnaught charges an energy weapon and emits an explosive warning shot into one of the Archive's domes that causes significant injuries to its residents.

Backed into a corner, Discovery's Bridge crew looks to their captain for guidance. Burnham mulls over her next move, ultimately requiring Ruhn to swear a tergun — a sacred Breen oath — and promise he will not harm the Archive any further. Incredulous, Ruhn nevertheless takes a moment to consider it. The Primarch speaks to Moll and Arisar on the Dreadnaught, vowing that the Federation's compassion has always been its weakness — to save the few, they will risk the many. Ruhn reopens communications with Burnham, granting her the tergun in exchange for the clues. The captain tells him to stand by for transport.

Moll, with Arisar behind her, faces Primarch Ruhn on the Breen Dreadnaught as he stands on his platform in 'Labyrinths'


Tilly beams onto the Bridge with the key containing the other four clues, and Burnham fits the last one into place. Energy crackles up the device's sides, and then the key projects a vast map containing the coordinates to the Progenitors' technology. They make a copy of the map for Stamets and ready themselves for a jump. The captain orders her crew to prepare to vent Discovery's Main Shuttlebay and all plasma from both nacelles. The completed device is transported to Ruhn aboard his Dreadnaught, and Moll authenticates it. Satisfied with the map, the Primarch commands his ship to fire on Discovery. Moll objects, stating that a war with the Federation could draw all Breen factions in and cause them to turn against "us." Offended that Moll considers herself a Breen, Ruhn clarifies that she is the wife of the dead Scion.

The Dreadnought locks onto Discovery — on the Bridge, Burnham readies her crew to vent plasma and make a spore jump simultaneously. Two beams from the Breen ship stretch out and rip into Discovery, and the Starfleet vessel returns fire as its structural integrity begins to weaken. Shields start to collapse, and Discovery jumps just as incoming Dreadnaught blasts ignite the vented plasma.

Discovery emerges from its spore jump with significant damage to its hull. Burnham and her senior staff compose themselves after the harrowing ordeal and find that they've arrived 22 light-years off target. The Breen assault caused the spore drive to malfunction, and the ship can't jump again until it is fixed. Asha reports that the warp drive is also down, but considering it will take the Breen Dreadnaught roughly six hours to reach the map coordinates at maximum warp, the captain gives her team five hours to make repairs. Rayner commends Burnham's gambit to make Ruhn believe they are dead. She offers a knowing smile and replies, "Someone once told me never turn my back on a Breen." The captain learned a piece of vital information in her mindscape, and she can't imagine the Primarch ever figuring it out. But Moll?

Standing on his platform, Ruhn executes a Breen soldier who lies motionless at the bottom of his platform in 'Labyrinths'


On the Dreadnought's command deck, Ruhn and Moll gaze at a scan of Discovery's last position. Debris and traces of warp plasma convince them that the Starfleet ship has been destroyed. Moll appears disheartened, but the Primarch turns his ire on the Archive. His order to fire upon the library provokes Moll, who demands that he set course for the coordinates — the goal is L'ak. Ruhn retorts that the goal is whatever he says it is, and he executes a Breen soldier who tries to voice dissent over his order to confine Moll. The human refuses to be silenced, relaying that destroying the Archive would also incite other Breen factions to pursue Ruhn as revenge for his dishonor. Even though he has yet to acquire it, the Primarch is relying on the Progenitors' technology to keep his foes at bay.

Ruhn materializes his staff, responding to Moll's pressure by pronouncing that he does not need L'ak — or her — any longer. Moll underscores his admission, pointing out that he does not give a damn about his Scion, his oaths, or the lives of his soldiers. Speaking to Ruhn's soldiers, she asks if L'ak would ever be this selfish. L'ak loves her, but he left the Breen because of Ruhn. The Primarch moves aggressively towards her, but Lieutenant Arisar draws his own weapon to defend Moll. The human pivots and kicks Ruhn, stealing his staff from him and discharging two lethal blasts into him. Ruhn's soldiers take aim at Moll and form a circle around her.

Moll assesses her situation, and asserts that she is the wife of L'ak — Scion and true ruler of the Imperium. Turning to Arisar, she pledges that they will get L'ak back and says, "Long will he reign!" She lifts Ruhn's staff in triumphant fashion. Arisar hesitates, then chooses to respond by raising his arm and repeating her words. The other Breen soldiers follow suit, striking their weapons on the deck and following Moll's lead with chants of "Long will he reign!"

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Section Banner - Canon Connections

* Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home — The Efrosians, a humanoid species part of the Federation, first appeared in this film, with an Efrosian member later serving as Federation President in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

** "The Inner Light" — When Captain Jean-Luc Picard is hit by a nucleonic beam, the captain finds himself as a resident of Kataan, living out an entire lifetime. However, it turns out this lifetime was in actuality just 20 minutes of a simulation in his own mindscape.

*** "Where Pleasant Fountains Lie" — The Cerritos chief engineer, Andy Billups, was revealed to be Hysperian crown prince, next in line for the throne. His homeworld Hysperia preferred to rename everything technological to sound like magic.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Section Banner - Log Credits

  • Written by Lauren Wilkinson & Eric J. Robbins
  • Directed by Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour