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Brad Boimler's Top Boims Moments


Illustrated banner featuring Star Trek: Lower Decks' Ensign Boimler and episodic stills from Season 3

One of the best things about the U.S.S. Cerritos is the crew serving on the Lower Decks. Despite all the guff they continuously receive, Star Trek: Lower Decks proves it's not just the Bridge crew that gets all the action.

In honor of Jack Quaid's birthday, we're giving Ensign Bradward Boimler, Beckett Mariner's Number One, the limelight he deserves by highlighting our favorite Boims moments from the most recent third season, from Bold Boimler and beyond.

Speaking to in 2021 about his character's growth over the seasons, Jack Quaid shared, "Oh, man, I just love seeing him gain so much confidence. It's been so cool to watch a character I voice go through such a dramatic shift."

The Family Vineyard

Mariner talks to Boimler, who is facing away from her and typing on a PADD. Boimler is wearing a sun hat in 'Grounded'


"No, we Boimlers dry grapes. Just dry 'em, and dry 'em, and dry 'em until they're all shriveled, and hopeless, and stuck on Earth forever!"
— Boimler, "Grounded"

Following the Season 2 cliffhanger, as Captain Freeman awaited court-martial and the Cerritos was grounded, Boimler had to head back home to his family's raisin vineyard. Thankfully, Mariner paid him in a visit!

Bold Boimler

Boimler stands in the hallway of the Cerritos with a bowl on his head, mud on his face, and a phaser rifle in 'The Least Dangerous Game'

"The Least Dangerous Game"

"You were excellent prey, but I do have notes."
"Can you maybe give them to me in Sickbay?"
"When you decide to switch up and become the hunter, you can't just announce it and stand there. Stick and move, you know?"
"Uh-huh, yeah, I'll keep that in mind."
— K'ranch and Boimler, "The Least Dangerous Game"

Following a game of Bat'leths & BiHnuchs with the crew, Boims decides he needs to embrace a "bold Boimler" persona to advance his career, which includes saying 'yes' to a springball tournament, joining Shaxs' Bajoran dirge choir, being a figure painting model, and allowing himself to be hunted by the visiting K'ranch.

Starfleet Needs His Help

Boimler runs while carrying a glowing green orb in 'Mining The Mind's Mines'

"Mining The Mind's Mines"

"Also, a sidecar? Even in your fantasy, you're not driving?"
"Driving's scary. I'm a natural passenger."
— Mariner and Boimler, "Minding the Mind's Mines"

In case one was ever curious to know what would fall onto Bradward Boimler's list of innermost desires, worry not, what you were guessing isn't too far off. After coming into contact with some strange space orbs on Jengus IV, an admiral suddenly appears stating that Starfleet requests "that Boimler magic" in dealing with a Borg attack. Not today space orbs, try harder to get into his head!

Delta Shift is Going Down

Boimler screams in 'Room for Growth'

"Room for Growth"

"I'm not Boimler, I'm Antigrav Boy, Protector of the Lower Decks!"
— Boimler, "Room for Growth"

It's our favorite Lower Decks crew vs. the Delta shift in the room lottery — four coveted quarters on Deck One! After some shenanigans across the Cerritos, including a hallucinogenic trip due to some Tamarin defrin root, a very intimate holo-program belonging to a pair of senior officers, and a minor appearance of Bold Boimler, they make it to the lottery's terminal. Upon learning it's not four quarters on Deck One, but one quarter on Deck Four, the crew decides they're better together on the Lower Decks.

That's His Rank Pip!

Boimler angrily shouts in 'Reflections'


"Without Starfleet, none of you would exist!!! We don't want to protect you from Klingons or the Borg. We just want to explore and study [bleep]ing quasars! But you know what? It's the right thing to do!"
— Boimler, "Reflections"

Deep Space 9

Bold Boimler, with slicked back hair and an open uniform jacket, yells at a Ferengi in 'Hear All, Trust Nothing'

"Hear All, Trust Nothing"

"Quark's bucks. I'll take it! We don't even use money in Starfleet anyway."
— Boimler, "Hear All, Trust Nothing"

The Cerritos crew gets to visit a significant place — the Deep Space 9 space station. When at Quark's, you do what all good patrons do. Partake in a couple games at the dabo table, of course! And when you're embracing Bold Boimler, luck is always on your side. Incurring the ire of the Ferengi pit boss, Boimler is willing to trade his winning latinum for some Quark Bucks. After all, who needs money in Starfleet?

Send Your Thanks to Captain Bucephalus Dagger

Boimler sits in the captain's chair of his ship. Mariner sits next to him, pointing at something. Rutherford is at the helm in 'Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus'

"Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus"

"I- I didn't program any of this. I was in the holodeck trying to find meaning in the randomness of death, but I just made a fool of myself."
— Boimler, "Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus"

Crisis Point II is twice as good as the original. It's going everything: action, adventure, romance! Boimler wrote, produced, and directed such an incredible sequel to Crisis Point that even Mariner has to relent a little. However, just as he shows the holoprogram to his friends, he receives the unfortunate news that his double William Boimler died in his sleep on the Titan. As such, he spends the entire holo-movie trying to find the meaning in the randomness of death. Thankfully, he has Mariner and hallucination Sulu to help him navigate these complex feelings.

Starfleet's Shame

Mariner yells from her bunk. On the bunk below her, Tendi, Boimler watch in concern in 'Room for Growth'

"Room for Growth"

"This is the biggest crew night of the year, not including pon farrs."
— Boimler, "Trusted Sources"

Nothing gets between a crew and their blueberry pie; well, nothing should anyway. A canceled pie eating contest, tell that to the reporter! We can always count on Boimler to focus on the important things on the starship.

Baby Bears!!!

Freeman stands proud on the Bridge as her crew in their stations cheer on Star Trek: Lower Decks's 'The Stars at Night'

"The Stars at Night"

"You gave me everything I ever asked for. You're in the bear pack now!"
"Are you my Bridge buddy?"
"Absolutely, Baby Bear!
— Shaxs and Boimler, "The Stars at Night"

What's the quickest way to making a Bridge buddy? You get everyone to shut up and listen to the ship's security chief. Then, you get them to fulfill of his dreams of ejecting the warp core. As a result, Boimler joins Rutherford in being part of Lt. Shaxs' bear pack for life... or for their tenure on the Cerritos!

Don't miss Boimler in action in the first three seasons of Star Trek: Lower Decks, available now!