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RECAP | Star Trek: Prodigy - Crossroads

A familiar face from The Next Generation appears as two crews finally meet.

Four images of Captain Okona from Star Trek: Prodigy are set against a blue background.

At the end of the previous episode of Star Trek: Prodigy, our intrepid crew made a bold decision. They were going to leave the Protostar behind and see if they could find some other way to contact Starfleet. “Crossroads” picks up right where “All the World’s a Stage” left off.

Over on the Dauntless, the Diviner is still in bad shape. He asks Ensign Asencia whether he'll ever get his memories back — apparently, he can't even remember Gwyn's name. Admiral Janeway assures him that they'll find his daughter, since they have a new lead in Barniss Frex, just as he remembers that her name is Gwyndala.

Meanwhile, the Protostar crew is getting ready to leave the ship in Hologram Janeway's hands while they search for Starfleet. They put the ship into sleep mode, bury it in ice so no one else can find it, and set off.

The crew of the Protostar meet a potential ally.

They make their way to a travel depot, the perfect place for them to find passage to the Federation. Who do they find but Captain Okona, from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Outrageous Okona." Unfortunately, just after they agree to terms for passage, the Xindi (who apparently run the base) show up and arrest Okona for smuggling.

A blizzard moves in and grounds all traffic to a halt, which gives the team time to split up and find a new transport out. Just then, the Dauntless crew beams in. It turns out Barniss Frex is also at the outpost. Things are about to get very complicated for the Protostar crew.

Jankom Pog and Gwyn both have run-ins with Starfleet officers as they search for passage. Jankom encounters Dr. Noum, a fellow Tellarite who serves aboard the Dauntless. However, Jankom takes offense when Noum calls him an “under-sized pauper” and the conversation ultimately goes nowhere. Elsewhere, Asencia helps Gwyn out of a confrontational situation with a Klingon. She recognizes Gwyn's name and tells her that the Diviner is on their ship. Gwyn makes a quick getaway but is rattled by this new information.

Gwyn talks to a Klingon.

Meanwhile, Dal finds Vice Admiral Janeway and is utterly speechless to be in her presence. He tells her that he wants to enlist in Starfleet, and the admiral encourages him. However, before he can tell her who he is, an Andorian officer named Tysess brings over Barniss Frex. Dal ducks out of the conversation before Frex can recognize him, but Frex tells Janeway that one of the people who destroyed the comm relay station was purple. Janeway makes the connection that the young man she was just talking to was one of the people who stole the Protostar and destroyed the station — but when she looks for him, Dal is gone.

Dal finds the rest of his friends and tells them they have to go, immediately. With Starfleet hot on their heels, the Protostar crew takes off running the travel depot. Admiral Janeway angrily admonishes Frex for not telling her the group in question isn’t a group of criminals but is, in fact, a bunch of kids.

The crew tries to figure out both how the Diviner escaped Tars Lamora and how Starfleet thinks they blew up the relay station on purpose while they make their escape. Not only that, but Janeway thinks that they kidnapped Chakotay and his crew. Things don’t look good for them.

Dal flies a speeder.

With security forces chasing them, Dal and his friends make an escape aboard a transport back to the Protostar. It seems as though Murf is about to hatch, which is terrible timing for everyone. To make things even more complicated, Zero finds a hidden Okona aboard their transport. It looks as though he's along for the ride now, wherever this crew might end up.

They manage to lose their pursuers, thanks to a little help from their new ally. After they board the Protostar, it rises from the surface through the ice and heads out into space. Admiral Janeway and crew watch the ship leave and beam up to the Dauntless.

The Protostar escapes with the Dauntless right behind it. As the crew tries to figure out what's next, Murf hatches into a little toddler. He now has legs and arms, though he’s kept his sweet personality. However, he accidentally launches a torpedo, which hits the Dauntless.

Murf, in his new form, looks out from behind the console.

Before the Protostar can engage its protostar drive and escape, the Dauntless returns fire and throws them out of warp. On the advice of Okona, the crew decides to venture into the Neutral Zone, where they'll remodulate their shields and hide from Romulan sensors. The Dauntless can't follow without possibly starting a war between the Romulans and the Federation.

Admiral Janeway orders her crew to follow the Protostar into the Neutral Zone, but they push back. It could jeopardize negotiations, but she reasons they can't let the Romulans get ahold of the Protostar's technology. Commander Tysess refuses to follow her orders, saying he thinks she's being influenced by her emotions about Chakotay and that he can't risk war for the Federation.

Just then, a Romulan warbird decloaks and warns them not to cross into the Neutral Zone — and that’s where the episode ends. We’re going to have to wait until next week to find out how this tense standoff ends.