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Which Star Trek Series Should You Binge Next?

We KHAAAAN’T stop watching!

Which Star Trek Should You Binge Next? Francisco

Star Trek: Prodigy is making its mid-season return on October 27! The remaining Season 1 episodes of the original animated kids series will stream exclusively on Paramount+. Watch as Captain Kathryn Janeway’s Hologram guides the impressionable young crew of the U.S.S. Protostar through the adventure of a lifetime.

Or maybe you are looking for a different Trek? With a Paramount+ subscription, you can boldly go, and watch every episode, from every Star Trek TV series, ever produced. What else could a fan want? Advice!

With so many out-of-this-world adventures available via Paramount+, how do you choose which Star Trek series to binge-watch next? You could spend hours studying the subject in the Starfleet Academy library – or, you can breeze through our handy-dandy, super-fun, ultra-scientific personality quiz! Answer each question, and, at the end, we’ll match you with the perfect Star Trek series for you and your queue.

WATCH: Stream Star Trek Right Now!

Will our personality quiz decide you’re a fit for the nail-biting adventures of Michael Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery? The classic missions of James T. Kirk in Star Trek: The Original Series? Or the offbeat, irreverent escapades of the ensigns in the animated series, Star Trek: Lower Decks?

The only way to find out is to answer the questions below, and discover which Star Trek series you should stream next!