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RECAP | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 110 - 'A Quality of Mercy'

Just as Captain Pike thinks he’s figured out how to escape his fate... Don't miss the Season 1 finale!

Star Trek Strange New Worlds recap illustrated art with Admiral Pike and Captain Pike

On a mission to retrofit Outpost 4, one of the asteroid-based facilities that watches over the Neutral Zone separating Federation and Romulan space, Captain Pike shares a meal with Captain Batel (Melanie Scrofano), who he last saw when he was contemplating his destiny in the season premiere. Pike’s confidence reflects the personal growth he has endured since retaking the U.S.S. Enterprise’s center seat, particularly in regard to the unfortunate fate that he glimpsed in “Through the Valley of Shadows.”

However, Pike’s conviction soon erodes when he learns that the son of the outpost’s Commander Hansel Al-Salah (Ali Hassan), Maat Al-Salah is one of the two cadets who he will be unable to save during a training accident seven years later. The unsettling realization prompts Pike to begin dictating a message to the young boy revealing the truth of his grim future, but the captain is soon joined by an unexpected visitor — Admiral Christopher Pike. Wearing the legendary ‘monster maroon’ uniform introduced in The Wrath of Khan, Pike’s future-self used a time crystal from the Klingon planet Boreth to travel back and dissuade the captain from altering the timeline.

Captain Pike (Anson Mount) stands in his quarters, wearing the red uniform from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

After explaining that changing events will have unexpected repercussions, Admiral Pike offers his younger counterpart another time crystal that allows the captain to experience a pivotal moment in history that doesn’t play out as it should. Captain Pike suddenly finds himself officiating a wedding aboard the Enterprise just as the ship is alerted to an attack on Outpost 4. If this situation sounds familiar, it is because Pike has arrived at the beginning of an incident with a Romulan starship, depicted in the classic The Original Series episode, “Balance of Terror!”

Set in 2266, seven years after Pike’s chat with Batel on the Enterprise, the conflict initially unfolds much like it did in “Balance of Terror.” The Romulan vessel destroys Outpost 4, cloaks, and then sets course for Romulus. One major divergence does occur — the U.S.S. Farragut, captained by Sam Kirk’s brother, James T. Kirk (Paul Wesley) himself, joins the Enterprise to pursue the Romulans. A briefing commences, with Erica Ortegas assuming the anti-Romulan posture held by Lieutenant Stiles in the TOS episode. As in “Balance of Terror,” Captain Kirk and Spock agree that they should attack the enemy; though, Pike orders that they aim to incapacitate their opponent rather than destroy it.

James Kirk (Paul Wesley) is on the bridge of the U.S.S. Farragut, in the captain's chair.

Despite the plan, the Romulans gain the upper hand and destroy the Farragut, forcing Kirk and the survivors to seek refuge on the Enterprise. Paralleling his frustration with Ensign Garrovick in “Obsession,” Kirk criticizes Pike for what he believes was a brief hesitation to engage the enemy. Unlike the original timeline, Pike opts for a diplomatic solution, as he and the Romulan commander agree to a two-hour ceasefire.

From the Romulan commander’s mention of fighting in a Reman campaign to an unseen Starfleet engineer who happens to have a Scottish accent, the back-and-forth saga between the Enterprise and the Romulans contains numerous details that will leave Trek fans grinning. Sadly, when the ceasefire expires, the Romulan Praetor warps in with a massive armada. Pike’s reliance on mercy and diplomacy had been perceived as weakness, inspiring the Romulans to declare war upon the Federation. The Enterprise narrowly escapes thanks to a clever gambit employed by Captain Kirk, but the resulting conflict will drastically change the shape of the future. Additionally, Spock sustains horrific wounds from which he can never fully recover, thus inheriting the fate meant for Pike.

Episode Preview | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - A Quality of Mercy

Admiral Pike later reappears to explain each time the captain tries to prevent the accident that ends his career, the outcome involves tragedy for Spock. The admiral alludes to the science officer’s importance to peace with the Romulans, a clear reference to Ambassador Spock’s 24th Century work to reunite Vulcan and Romulus, which paves the way for the coexistence seen on Ni’Var in the 32nd Century. Plus, we can’t forget to mention Spock’s role in creating the Kelvin Timeline!

Speaking of which, Pike meets with Kirk, who starts to tell the elder officer about his father’s service aboard the U.S.S. Kelvin. As with the Romulan relief mission in Picard and a mention of a Betelgeusian time soldier in Discovery, this nod to the Kelvin films continues to acknowledge the alternate reality. Pike then returns to his original timeline in 2259 and decides not to compose a letter cautioning the outpost commander’s son and future Starfleet cadet about the training accident. Pike understands that if he were to still captain the Enterprise in 2266, his command style would result in a catastrophic war with Romulus and the incalculable loss of Spock’s contributions to the galaxy.

James Kirk (Paul Wesley) sits in conference with Captain Pike (Anson Mount) in Pike's ready room.

Intrigued by his temporal trip, Pike begins reading up on James T. Kirk’s career to date. The captain then discusses his determination in trying to change the future will only transfer his burden onto someone else, which Spock astutely deduces as a reference to himself. Spock voices his appreciation for Pike’s actions, an acknowledgment that deepens their bond and further explains why Spock will be so devoted to helping the captain in “The Menagerie.”

Captain Pike (Anson Mount) tries to intervene when Number One (Rebecca Romijn) is arrested by two security officers.

In a fashion reminiscent of DS9’s “Trials and Tribble-ations,” “A Quality of Mercy” seizes the opportunity to revisit an iconic Star Trek episode and expertly adds even more significance to it. Just as normalcy sets back in, Captain Batel beams onto the Enterprise with orders to arrest Number One for hiding her Illyrian genetic modifications. This cliffhanger proves to be a fitting way to end the show’s outstanding debut season, as it retains its signature episodic formula while tying in an ongoing storyline, heightening the audience’s anticipation for the sophomore season. What will the future hold for Captain Pike, Number One, and the Enterprise? Stay tuned as we continue to explore strange new worlds…

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