Spock (Kelvin)

(Played by Zachary Quinto)

Spock of Vulcan was already three years old at the time Romulan marauder Nero was thrown into the past and created an alternate reality, later causing the destruction of Spock's homeworld. Like his Prime counterpart, this "alternate" Spock was a cultural hybrid, the son of the human Amanda Grayson and the Vulcan Sarek, and spent much of his early life feeling like an outsider. Although he was an excellent student, Spock was bulied by other Vulcans in his classes, who resented him because of his mixed blood.

Even so, Spock’s school record was flawless and made him eligible for admission to the Vulcan Science Academy. "Spock Prim" had opted not to go there in favor of a more multicultural career with Starfleet, and the "alternate" Spock felt an even clearer path after realizing the latent human racial bias among the Vulcan Council who reviewed applications to the Academy. He too decided to attend Starfleet Academy and became one of Starfleet’s most distinguished graduates—just like his Prime counterpart. It was "alternate" Spock who programmed his reality's Kobayashi Maru "no-won scenario" simulation for four years—and only James Kirk ever beat the test, accomplished by secretly reprogramming it.

Despite his short resume, the brilliant Lieutenant Spock was tapped at age 28 by Captain Christopher Pike as his first officer when Pike took command of the newly commissioned U.S.S. Enterprise. The rushed launching came in crisis response to another temporal appearance of Nero and his attack on Vulcan, and Spock—who met Kirk in adversity over the simulator "cheating" issue—actually had Kirk arrested and banished to the icy Delta-Vega outpost for later pick-up by Starfleet.

Shaken by the death of his mother, his planet and indeed most of his species, Spock finally realized his emotional shock in play thanks to Kirk's prodding, and cited mental health reasons in going off active duty as the absent Pike's acting captain. This timeline's Spock was no stranger to acknowledging his emotions, however, as he had carried on for some time a romance with the human Uhura, like Kirk another senior Academy cadet. Their relationship was hardly a secret, though, since he at first had not assigned her to the Enterprise, despite her wishes, to avoid the apprearance of favoratism.

This Spock does not suffer the same deeply estranged relationship with his father as did Prime Spock, and Sarek's encourgament propels his back to service, breaching Nero's massive ship with Kirk and stealing the captured "Jellyfish" timeship that his Prime counterpart built when older. After heling subdue Nero, Spock is futher affected by a bizarre yet reassuring visit from his time-travelled, much older doppelganger from teh PRime universe, and he agrees to trust Kirk and remain serving with him.