(Played by Jeffrey HunterSean Kenney and Anson Mount)

Best known as commanding officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, following the ship's original captain Robert April and just prior to James Kirk. Pike counted the top-secret first contact with the natives of Talos IV amid his long Starfleet career. The resident of Mojave, Calif., was promoted to fleet captain at the time he turned over command to Kirk, but soon after Pike suffered massive radiation damage aboard the training ship U.S.S. Republic while saving several cadets after a baffle plate ruptured in the ship's reactor. The damage left him mentally fit but physicially scarred, mute and immobile except for a self-propelled, life-support wheelchair that included a blinking light hard-wired to his brain to as to signal one blink "yes" and two blinks "no."

Thanks to the unorthodox methods of his loyal, longtime former science officer Spock, Pike was returned to Talos IV in 2367 to live out his life without the debilitating lifestyle he had endured.