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The Final Frontier in Flavorful Coffee is Here

Pop Culture Coffee boldly launches new Star Trek coffee brand for fans and coffee connoisseurs alike!

Graphic illustration of a coffee cup and coffee beans with packaging for Pop Culture Coffee

Pop Culture Coffee, an innovative new company with unique collaborations with popular franchises, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated Star Trek branded coffees. This extraordinary collection, made under license from Paramount Consumer Products, aims to cater to coffee connoisseurs, Star Trek fans, and collectors alike, bringing together the love for the beloved franchise and the art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Customers can purchase the official Star Trek coffee in the U.S. directly from, and the product will also be available soon at select specialty retailers and conventions nationwide.

The new Star Trek branded coffees by Pop Culture Coffee seek to celebrate the spirit of the legendary franchise by offering a flavorful array of carefully curated coffee blends inspired by the various aspects of the Star Trek universe. Each of the limited-run collectible coffee blends is adorned with stunning artwork featuring iconic Star Trek characters, cultures, and starships.

Pop Culture Coffee promotional photo featuring Captain's Choice coffee

Pop Culture Coffee

Launching first will be CAPTAIN’S CHOICE — a smooth medium roast featuring The Original Series' Captain James T. Kirk on the bag, as well as VULCAN VANILLA — a full-flavored Madagascar vanilla roast featuring Mr. Spock.

Following up will be a dark KLINGON RAKTAJINO brown sugar roast, featuring The Next Generation's Worf. Not far behind, and to celebrate First Contact Day, will be the FEDERATION FRENCH ROAST featuring Captain Jean-Luc Picard and a light BORG BEANS roast highlighting the Borg Queen from Star Trek: First Contact on the bag. More coffee profiles will be released throughout the year.

Pop Culture Coffee promotional photo featuring Vulcan Vanilla coffee

Pop Culture Coffee

But it's not just about the packaging — Pop Culture Coffee is committed to delivering an exceptional coffee experience. All of the company’s coffees are triple-picked by hand, ethically sourced from unique origins all over the world, 100% organic Arabica beans, and small-batch craft roasted to ensure a rich and flavorful cup of coffee with every brew. Beyond the cup, Pop Culture Coffee has an entire department dedicated to meticulously pairing natural flavors for explosive great-tasting flavor-fusions. The end result? Fans will have the opportunity to enhance their coffee-drinking experience while showcasing their love for Star Trek.

Pop Culture Coffee’s founder Ethan Terra shares his vision behind the creation of Pop Culture Coffee, "My lifelong passion for movies, pop culture, collectibles, and coffee led me to establish Pop Culture Coffee. We are driven by a singular purpose — to fuel people’s passions. Whether it’s art, movies, anime, music, gaming, sports, or celebrity icons, we all have something we’re enthusiastic about, and that enthusiasm should be championed. In a world where millions rely on coffee to kick start their day, we believe that coffee should be nothing short of extraordinary."

With its fusion of sci-fi fandom and coffee culture, Pop Culture Coffee is set TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE. Pop Culture Coffee invites coffee connoisseurs, fans, and collectors alike to embark on a journey of taste and imagination, bringing together two passions in a truly innovative and enjoyable way. So grab a mug, set your tastebuds to stunned, and indulge in the flavors of the Star Trek universe with every sip.