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Play Star Trek Fleet Command On The Big Screen!

Our MMORPG game can now be played across mobile & PC devices

Star Trek Fleet Command

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Captains of the Enterprise ever crossed paths? Well, you might just have an answer. Fleet Command has envisioned a collision of universes where Captains Kirk and Picard face off in an epic encounter. Check out the latest trailer featuring a trio of Enterprise Captains!

The Star Trek Fleet Command Universe is Expanding

The Fleet Command universe is expanding in more ways than one and you can now battle it out on a bigger screen!David Eckelberry, Vice President and General Manager of Star Trek™ Fleet Command talks more about bringing the Star Trek universe to another platform saying, “The team at Scopely and DIGIT, our Dublin-based Scopely Studio, have long been looking forward to welcoming PC players to the Fleet Command community and providing flexibility to existing mobile players. The PC launch of this experienceis an exciting way for us to meet players where they are and give them opportunities to engage with fans and gamers across platforms. Together, we hope to build an even more enjoyable and lasting experience.”

Head over tostartrekfleetcommand.comto register and log into Star Trek Fleet Command on PC. And, be sure to check in often - Fleet Command will be hosting special giveaways & events to celebrate.

Star TrekFleet Command is available to play for free on PC and mobile devices. Play Now!