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Listen to the First Track From the Star Trek: Lower Decks Soundtrack

A main theme worthy of a great second contact

Star Trek: Lower Decks Volume 1—Original Series Soundtrack, Coming Soon!

Relive some of your favorite Star Trek: Lower Decks moments with the Star Trek: Lower Decks Volume 1—Original Series Soundtrack, featuring music from the first and second season of the series, from Lakeshore Records. The 53-track album, featuring an epic orchestrated original score by composer Chris Westlake (Castle Rock), will be available digitally October 8.

Listen to the first track, the triumphant main theme for the show, here on

Check out the album art and track listing below, and listen to the full soundtrack on your favorite streaming platform today!

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Track List

  1. Main Titles
  2. Romulan Prison
  3. Leg Day
  4. Strange Energies
  5. The Time Of His Life
  6. Riker's Plan
  7. Stay Alert, Stay Alive
  8. Mistress Of The Winter Constellation
  9. The Black Mountain
  10. Mariner's Secret
  11. A Compromise!
  12. Delicate Dooplers
  13. Ejecting the Warp Core
  14. Stumbling on History
  15. City Escape
  16. Pakled Spy
  17. Making Tendi Laugh
  18. Lord Agimus
  19. Marooned
  20. Agimus Reigns
  21. Temporal Black Hole
  22. The Lower Decks
  23. I Am Available For Chess
  24. A New Officer
  25. Red Alarm
  26. Death Battle
  27. What Are Your Orders, Captain?
  28. Departing Space Dock
  29. Getting Desperate
  30. I Can See
  31. Into The Unknown
  32. Standing Down
  33. Don't Date Barnes
  34. Welcome To The Cerritos
  35. Humble Farmers
  36. Finding The Cure
  37. Swords and Spears
  38. Ransom vs. Vindor
  39. Saving Lives
  40. Failed Ascension
  41. Division 14
  42. The Farm Cures All
  43. Saying Goodbye
  44. The Cleaner
  45. The Cerritos
  46. Today You Die!
  47. The Real Mariner
  48. Self Destruct Timer
  49. Pakled Attack
  50. Badgey Gets Loose
  51. Memory Loss
  52. End Titles
  53. Bonus Track: batlh vIpoQ!

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