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Inside Discovery: Mary Wiseman

Inside Discovery: Mary Wiseman

Mary Wiseman is discovering something unique about Star Trek: Discovery. The young actress, who plays Cadet Tilly on the upcoming show and grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, lauds the freedom offered by the fact that Discovery is being made by CBS All Access and Netflix.

“I think that the mindset and the focus is curious,” she told at San Diego Comic-Con. “So, we're finding out what we can do. There are adult themes and there's freedom in that, and in knowing that we can do anything and figure out, discover what works.”

Wiseman, like her Discovery co-stars, will soon follow in the footsteps of many actors from the earlier iterations of Star Trek and have her face plastered all over the place, including posters, lunch boxes and more. So, what’s she most jazzed to see herself on?

“I think I'm really excited if I got an action figure,” she replied, smiling broadly. “That would be really exciting. My boyfriend's parents are super-big Trekkies. So, for me, (it’ll be exciting) seeing their faces when they see me on their favorite show.”

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