EXO-6 Launches Star Trek: The Next Generation Line with Fan-Favorite Data

The 1:6 scale figure will be available in two versions, with the Standard Version featuring Data's beloved Spot!

Illustrated banner featuring EXO-6's Star Trek: The Next Generation Data figure


“I would gladly risk feeling bad at times,
if it also meant that I could taste my dessert.”

For the last two and a half years, collectibles company EXO-6 has been producing 1:6 scale museum grade figures from Star Trek films and TV shows, building up fans anticipation for the most desired characters in the franchise. Today, StarTrek.com is excited to share that EXO-6 is launching their Star Trek: The Next Generation line with the fan-favorite Data, now available for pre-order!

EXO-6 | Star Trek: The Next Generation 1:6 scale Data figure


Not only that, the beloved Android will be available in two versions! The Essential Version (SRP $190) comes with a Starfleet Type II hand phaser and TR-580 tricorder VII from The Next Generation, while the more all inclusive Standard Version (SRP $230) features the phaser and tricorder, plus, a Personal Access Display Device (PADD), as well as a second Data head with removable panel, which opens to reveal his cybernetic interior, and two different poses of Data's pet cat Spot! The first pose has Spot sitting at attention, while the other has him splayed, designed to be held in Data's arms.

EXO-6 | Star Trek: The Next Generation 1:6 scale Data figure - Standard Version


An interest in the characters and cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation has been revitalized by the much-praised third and final season of Star Trek: Picard. This show reintroduced one of the most popular characters in all of Star Trek — Lt. Commander Data. No other character better expresses the wonder of discovery that is the heart of Star Trek than this android with a soul.

EXO-6 | Star Trek: The Next Generation 1:6 Data figure


When first introduced in "Encounter at Farpoint," Data was a one-of-a-kind cybernetic organism; an artificial being that wanted nothing more than to be just like the imperfect humans he served with aboard the Enterprise. Throughout the series he evolved into a person, an officer, and a friend to many of the crew. The EXO-6 one sixth scale figure of Data will not only embody the hopefulness of the character, but also bring an element of Brent Spiner’s performance into a museum grade collectible figure.

EXO-6 | Close-up of Star Trek: The Next Generation Data figure with his head's cybernetic panel exposed


Lt. Commander Data is only the first of the Enterprise-D crew to get the EXO-6 treatment. The entire Bridge crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation will be joining the 1:6 collection in the next few months. Data is on sale today and can be pre-ordered at exo-6.com.