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Discovery Episode #15 Primer

Discovery Episode #15 Primer

And in a blink of an eye, season one of Star Trek: Discovery will conclude this weekend with episode #15, “Will You Take My Hand?” To help get you ready for all the action in the season finale, is here with a preview of the new episode and a look back at least week’s installment, "The War Without, The War Within.”

Just when everyone aboard Discovery thinks they’ve escaped the Mirror Universe, it comes to them… literally. “Captain…” Saru intones, shocked, as he eyes Georgiou. She’s angry at the sight of him. “Emperor,” she hisses. Emperor Georgiou glares at Burnham. “Yesterday,” she notes, “we dined on the entrails of his brethren. And today you seek his favor?” This isn’t going to go well, is it?

Burnham refuses to see Tyler. She’s too hurt, too angry. “I’m sorry,” she tells Saru. “I can’t.” Saru doesn’t force the issue. So, is Tyler human or Klingon now? Replies Dr. Pollard: “Neither. Both. We can’t be sure.” Even Tyler isn’t sure, as he can still access Voq’s memories. Complicating matters, Voq and L’Rell were in love, much like Tyler and Burnham.

Hostile forces board Discovery, first Admiral Shukar and Gorch, and then… Admiral Cornwell and Sarek. They are doing, as the Vulcan ambassador explains, “What the times require.” Cornwell learns that her Lorca is dead, that the Terran version deceived everyone. She states that the cloak-breaking algorithm they’ve returned with has been disseminated to the front lines, but fears it’s too late, as the war waged on for nine months without it – and the fleet has been decimated. Cornwell stuns the crew by ordering Discovery to jump to Starbase One, with all evidence of their recent journey classified and destroyed. “We cannot risk the knowledge of this alternate universe leaving the confines of Discovery,” Cornwell declares.” Sarek offers the logical reason: “It would be too many possibilities.”

“Admiral,” Burnham says to Cornwell. “There is one more thing you need to know.” May we present… Emperor Georgiou. She demands only one thing: “Send me home.”

Tyler comes face to face with Stamets, and apologies to the lieutenant for killing Dr. Culber. Stamets asks Tyler if his actions “gut” and “sicken” him. Tyler nods. “Good,” Stamets says. “Maybe you’re still human after all.” A few moments later, in the mess hall, Tyler sits alone. Ever-empathetic, Tilly joins him, followed by Detmer and others.

The crew comes across a starbase once inhabited by 80,000 souls. There are now 274 life signs aboard it… Klingon life signs. And Discovery is being scanned. Cornwell is too shaken to react, so Saru, whose threat ganglia popped moments earlier, steps up and orders the ship to retreat.

Cornwell confronts L’Rell. They debate the Federation’s purpose. Cornwell cuts to the chase: “How does this war end?” The Klingon cuts… to the bone: “It doesn’t. Klingons have tasted your blood. Conquer us, or we will never relent.”

Burnham and Emperor Georgiou talk. The Emperor realizes that both Burnhams were orphaned, which Burnham deems “another echo of fate between our worlds.” Burnham pronounces the time for peace is past. “I need you to tell me,” she says, insistently, “How did you defeat the Klingon Empire? I started this war, and I need to finish it.”

In Discovery’s war room, Cornwell and Sarek discuss options with Federation top guns weighing in via hologram. Cornwell argues for a single offensive so destructive it will force the enemy to retreat from Federation space and head for home.” Sarek concurs, stressing that each path of logic leads to the same conclusion: “Starfleet tactics have failed us. We must adapt if we are to have any hope of survival.”

Their plan: infiltrate Qo’noS from within it caves. What they’ll need to pull it off? Spores to make the necessary jump. “Set a course for the Veda system,” Stamets implores, sounding confident. “And get ready for the show.”

Emperor Georgiou and Sarek get in each other’s face, initially debating their relationships with Burnham. They then get down to business. The Emperor only gave Burnham as much information as she could handle and will reveal the true secret to besting the Klingons. Her terms? “Freedom.” Sarek, talking later to Burnham, tells her there’s no shame in having fallen in love with Tyler/Voq, “for what greater source of peace exists than our ability to love our enemy?”

Tilly and Burnham engage in a heart-to-heart about love, death and… Tyler. Burnham still can’t bring herself to see him. “What we do now, the way that we treat him, that is who he will become,” Tilly pleads. “I know that you still care for him.” Burnham does, but she’s not sure she should. “Say what you have to say,” Tilly advises, “Even if it’s goodbye.”

On the bridge, everyone watches as the effort to create new spores commences. It’s a colorful affair, and a success. A spore harvest is underway. “I’d congratulate you, lieutenant,” Cornwell says, turning to Stamets, “but I’m afraid the work has just begun.”

Finally, Burnham talks to Tyler. They love each other, but Tyler senses that Burnham seeks to end their relationship. No matter how hard she tries, she admits, when she looks at Tyler she sees Voq’s eyes. “I see him!” Burnham declares. Tyler maintains that the reason L’Rell’s surgery didn’t take was his love for Burnham. Burnham rejects it all. “Ash,” she says, “It’s not easy… letting you go.”

It’s time. Cornwell addresses the entire crew and stands before them with a mission: “At 2100 hours, the U.S.S. Discovery will jump for the Klingon homeworld in order to map its surface and isolate vulnerabilities. This brave team will be the first to visit this inhospitable planet since Captain Archer and the crew of the Enterprise NX-01 nearly 100 years ago. Allow me to introduce you to the person who will chart your course to Qo’noS… Captain Philippa Georgiou.”

Next on Discovery...

In "Will You Take My Hand?", with Georgiou at the helm of the plan to end the Klingon war once and for all, the U.S.S. Discovery crew struggles to fathom and tolerate her hostile tactics. Memories of past hardships are rekindled within Burnham.

Worth Noting

Watching the finale teaser, it sounds as if the methodology Cornwell plans to implement in her effort to defeat the Klingons doesn’t sit well with Burnham. “The Klingon are on the verge of wiping out the Federation,” Cornwell asserts. “We do not have the luxury of principles.” Burnham argues otherwise, saying, “That is all we have!”

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