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The Discovery Lock Box

The Discovery Lock Box

Star Trek Online, the free to play online role-playing game set in the future of the Star Trek Universe, is proud to announce its first wave of content from Star Trek: Discovery. You can head to and play for free, taking your adventures into the latest saga on the final frontier.

Next week, STO will be releasing the Discovery Lock Box. This box gives Captains a chance at three brand-new starships, the Crossfield Class Science Vanguard, known to most as the U.S.S. Discovery, the Walker Class Light Exploration Cruiser, also known as the U.S.S. Shenzhou, and the Sarcophagus Dreadnought Carrier, known to the galaxy far and wide as the Ship of the Dead. These ships recreate the look and feel of Star Trek: Discovery and allow you to put yourself in Captain Lorca’s chair.

The box also has a chance to award plenty of new items, including Harry Mudd’s outfit, screen-accurate weapons from the show, a brand-new pet, and even a miniaturized spore drive for your Captain. It will be available next week, and you can create an account for free right now at