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4 (Inter)Stellar Star Trek Inspired Makeup Tutorials

The perfect beat awaits.

Illustration of makeup products including eyeshadow, brushes, lipstick, eye pencil, mascara, nail polish, etc

Whether you’re going to a convention or just going out for Halloween, you'll need the perfect Star Trek beat to complete your costume. We’ve got the perfect makeup tutorials for looks inspired by Uhura, Seven of Nine, Deanna Troi, and the Orion Girl, Vina. These eye-catching looks are perfect for costume parties and cons alike.

Using your favorite cosmetics, these tutorials are simple enough for any makeup novice and will make you stand out wherever you go. Check out the four videos below if you’re costume is still looking for that perfect finishing Trek touch.

Take a trip to Orion with this look inspired by Vina

Next, have your communicators on standby for this Uhura look

Wow your friends with this Deanna Troi-inspired look

Finally, this Seven of Nine look is bound to be the star of any Halloween party

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