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First Look: Anovos Debuts Replica Uniform

First Look: Anovos Debuts Replica Uniform

StarTrek Delta

J.J. Abrams’ blockbuster Star Trek film not only reignited a public passion for Star Trek and the beloved Star Trek characters, but it also sparked a demand for the great, colorful take on the familiar crew tunics. Now, anyone eager to sport a replica science officer uniform – like the one Zachary Quinto wore as Spock -- can do so.

Anovos Productions  is lifting the curtain on a blue officer tunic, which has been crafted using the accurate fabric, dye formulation and correct print pattern to recreate the weight, feel and appearance of those seen on the big screen. The Anovos blue officer tunic can be viewed in prototype form during Comic-Con in San Diego. Anovos will be at Booth #2913E all week long.

The tunic will come with a science officer pin and feature sleeve hems that can be altered to accommodate different body lengths. The tunic is also customizable, with rank stripe combinations that will be sold separately. Reservations are being accepted now, with the product to be ready no later than early 2011 and priced in the $400-$450 range.

Much more is on the way from Anovos, including a character’s collectible version of the blue officer tunic and a female blue ensign edition short-sleeve one-piece dress. Keep an eye on for additional details.