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Celebrate Pride Boldly and With Love

Featuring stunning art from Paulina Ganucheau!

Illustrated banner featuring IDW's Star Trek Pride art by Paulina Ganucheau

"What I need, and what all of those
who are like me need, is
your understanding and your compassion.
Soren, Star Trek: The Next Generation, "The Outcast"

From our universe to yours, Star Trek and IDW want to wish everyone a Pride celebration that is full of love, happiness, and acceptance.

Star Trek Pride cover art by Paulina Ganucheau


The stellar and stunning artwork above, by artists Paulina Ganucheau, features Star Trek: Discovery's Paul Stamets, Dr. Hugh Culber, Adira Tal, Gray Tal, and Jett Reno; Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Nurse Christine Chapel, Star Trek: Picard's Seven of Nine and Raffi Musiker, the Kelvin Timeline's Hikaru Sulu, and Star Trek: Lower Decks' Beckett Mariner and Jennifer Sh'reyan.

“There’s something about Star Trek that always feels so personal," shares Ganucheau. "You can find yourself and the people you love in all these characters we adore. Beyond just being inclusive, it’s a welcoming and comforting universe. It’s a place we all belong.”

Star Trek: The Next Generation — Soren Experiences The Fear of Being Cured

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