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The Art of Guinan’s Aphorisms

Let’s take a look at some words of wisdom shared by Guinan that had an impact on those around her.

Illustrated triptych featuring three Guinan episodic stills from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Guinan, who was first introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation and reintroduced in Star Trek: Picard, is several centuries old and full of wisdom which she does not mind sharing with the Starfleet crew. The El-Aurian bartender was invited to be a crew member on the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, directly by Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

The owner of the famous 10 Forward bar also served as the unofficial therapist to Starfleet staff, always available to anyone in need.

In celebration of Whoopi Goldberg's birthday, let's revisit some of Guinan's most poignant observations.

My name Is Guinan. I tend bar and I listen.

Guinan, "Rascals"

Guinan and Ensign Ro (both in their kid bodies) peek past a doorway in 'Rascals'


In Star Trek: The Next Generation sixth-season episode "Rascals" episode, Guinan, Captain Picard, Ro Laren, and Keiko O’Brien materialized as their 12-year-old selves due to a transporter accident. Just as they are attempting to get ahead of what is happening, the Enterprise is boarded by Ferengi invaders and the crew devises a plan to outsmart them. The Ferengi are apprehended and the crew, is able to take back control of the ship.

I haven't been young for a long time, and I intend to enjoy every minute of it.

Guinan, "Ensign Ro"

Guinan and Ro Laren stand side-by-side in Captain Picard's ready room in 'Ensign Ro'

"Ensign Ro"

A warrior for her crew, Guinan also saved the REM sleep-deprived crewmembers by using an energy-beam rifle to escape the Tyken’s Rift. In "Night Terrors," the Enterprise searches for a ship that released a signal for help and were all of their crew has died. Sometime after searching the doomed ship, the Enterprise crew start to feel unwell while also displaying strange behavior following sleep loss.

Dr. Troi starts to have nightmares that actually end up being a message in her subconscious that contains a warning about what actually happen to the other ship’s crew. With this new information, Guinan is able to use the rifle to disrupt the energy and free the crew from the sickness.

The idea of fitting in just repels me.

Guinan, "Hollow Pursuits"

Guinan — The Enterprise's Secret Weapon

Human intuition and instinct are not always right, but they do make life interesting.

Guinan, "The Loss"

Star Trek: Picard


In Star Trek: Picard's second-season "Watcher," Guinan's younger version is reintroduced and is reunited with her friend Jean-Luc Picard. She is able to offer him wisdom as he navigates new adventures and challenges, just as she did in the earlier series. The evolution of their friendship progresses forward and throughout Season 2, we are able to see just how they were able to sustain their relation over the many years.