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William Shatner To Headline Creation Conventions In Boston And Nashville

William Shatner To Headline Creation Conventions In Boston And Nashville

The boys at Creation Entertainment apparently don’t sleep. They wrapped a major Official Star Trek Convention in New Jersey this past weekend, the annual mega-convention in Las Vegas is just a month away, they’re running/planning conventions centered on other entertainment properties (including Supernatural and Twilight), and on top of all that they’ll be rolling into Boston from July 15-17 and Nashville from July 29-31 with Star Trek conventions. To preview the shows, grabbed a few minutes with Gary Berman, Creation’s co-CEO. Not surprisingly, Berman sounded most excited about the man who’ll headline the Boston and Nashville shows: William Shatner.

"All of us at Creation have truly cherished our three-decade relationship with William Shatner,” Berman said. “Not only is he an international superstar, but to us he has been an incredibly generous mentor and inspiration in so many ways. At the age of 80 he continues to set new goals and grab a hold of the latest in technology to reach his fan base. Simply stated, there is no one quite like him and he has positively impacted not only on fans worldwide, but on us at Creation as human beings and business people. Seeing Shatner on stage is an absolute must for any Star Trek or show business fan. His energy, passion and humor have to be experienced in person and that is why we are so looking forward to having Bill headline both our Boston and Nashville conventions.”

Of course, while Shatner’s star may shine the brightest in Boston and Nashville, he won’t be the only star in the mix. Discussing the Boston convention in more detail, Berman said, “In Boston, only Captain Kirk could take on four Klingon representatives -- and Gowron (Robert O’Reilly), Martok (J.G. Hertzler), B'Etor (Gwynyth Walsh) and Lursa (Barbara March) are all are beaming in for what should be a unique experience, to say the least. It is the Klingons’ first appearance in this area of the country. Rounding out the bill will be two Enterprise favorites who always do a great show: Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating. Our super-popular Star Trek Rat Pack actors will also be on hand to speak and perform their hilarious night of musical comedy parodies. Participating there are Ethan Phillips, Vaughn Armstrong, Max Grodenchik, Jeffrey Combs and Casey Biggs. And we’ll also be joined at the show by the lovely and talented Chase Masterson.”

Finally, there’s the Nashville convention. Berman expresses pride and pure enthusiasm when he notes that this will be the first-ever Official Star Trek Convention held in Nashville. “Coming to Nashville is extra special starting with the venue: absolutely the best place we run our shows in, The Gaylord Resort,” Berman says. “Along with Mr. Shatner's first appearance in Nashville in recent memory, attendees will get to enjoy Connor Trinneer, the Four Klingons, also on hand in the area for the first time, and the Star Trek Rat Pack performers (Grodenchik, Combs, Phillips, Biggs and Armstrong).”

Both shows will also feature Creation’s usual array of parties, music, trivia, costume contests, merchandising, auctions, special presentations saluting the 45th anniversary of Star Trek, and more. For additional information, visit