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Star Trek Explorer Presents Star Trek 'The Mission' and Other Stories

Read an excerpt from Una McCormack's 'Things Can Only Get Better' before the hardcover hits stands on February 13!

Illustrated collage featuring Star Trek Explorer Presents 'The Mission' and Other Stories

Adventure to the final frontier and beyond…

Star Trek Explorer presents a fully illustrated deluxe collectors' edition anthology featuring 14 illustrated stories situations from across the Star Trek universe, including Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager, and starring iconic characters such as Will Riker, Benjamin Sisko, Jonathan Archer, and Kate Pulaski, plus fan-favorite alien enemies including the Borg.

Star Trek "The Mission" and Other Stories features the franchise's finest writers including James Swallow, John Peel, Gary Russell, Greg Cox, Una McCormack, Michael Carroll, Christopher Cooper, Chris Dows, Michael Collins, and Keith R. A. DeCandido. The collection hits shelves February 13; pre-order now on AmazonForbidden PlanetBarnes & NobleBooks-A-Million, or wherever you purchase your books.

Star Trek Explorer Presents 'The Mission' and Other Stories cover featuring Jean-Luc Picard, Guinan, and Deanna Troi


These mini-epics include the return of noir detective Dixon Hill, a strange tale of the crew of the Enterprise-D forgetting their first officer, William Riker, a dramatic prelude to the classic episode "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" and even a story showcasing Captain Jonathan Archer’s loyal hound, Porthos.

In addition, the Borg collective make their presence felt with devastating consequences; a sinister force attacks Guinan as the crew race to save her, and a revealing prelude to one of Captain Kirk’s most iconic adventures.

Thanks to our friends at Titan Magazines, we have an exclusive excerpt of the short, "Things Can Only Get Better," by Una McCormack, with art by Louie De Martinis!
'Things Can Only Get Better' cover art by Louie De Martinis featuring Garak and Kira Nerys

'Things Can Only Get Better' illustration by Louie De Martinis


This mission to retrieve the Breen ship had pushed them all to their limits and, in some case, Kira suspected, well beyond. They’d barely started when Damar learned about the death of his wife and son, and he ended up shooting his friend, Rusot. Odo was sick – no, Odo was dying. Kira must face up to that, must admit that – and now he lay helplessly on a bed in the infirmary, hoping that somehow Julian would perform some miracle. As for Kira herself – there was nowhere she wanted to be less that on board this flyer heading toward Cardassian space. She wanted to be sitting with Odo, holding his beloved hand, giving whatever consolation she could. How desperately she wanted to see him. How bitterly she regretted all the time they had wasted…

"Commander,” said Garak, from the seat beside her, "I wonder if I might trouble you to check on the engine's power emissions, please?"

Kira pulled herself into focus and ran the check. She glanced sideways at Garak, at the helm. Of all of them who had been on that mission, only Garak seemed unperturbed by everything that had happened – but then how would you know, with Garak?

"All good," said Kira.

"Thank you," said Garak. "I’d be grateful, Commander Kira, if you could stop your mind from wandering. We’re very close to the border now, and the likelihood of Jem’Hadar patrols increases by the moment."

Well, that was testier than usual. Kira said, "You’ve got my full attention."

"Thank you," said Garak. "I can run this blockade, but I’d rather not."

Maybe he hadn’t much enjoyed the mission either. Still, she didn’t need a lecture from him. "I said you’ve got my full attention."

"Good. In that case, could you run a check on the weaponry read out? I’m still not satisfied they’ll pass any serious sensor sweep."

They were using a civilian flyer to get back into Cardassian space, but one armed to the teeth with a judicious selection of Starfleet photo torpedoes. Garak had rigged the sensor readings so that they would show up as more or less defenceless, but if there were any discrepancies, it wasn’t likely that the Jem’Hadar patrols operating in this area would give them a chance to explain themselves. Kira had carried out this check half a dozen times already, but if it kept him happy…

"And the long-range scanners when you’re done." Said Garak.

"Anything else while I’m at it?" said Kira.

"I’ll let you know," said Garak.

"Is Damar still in the back?"

"Since he isn’t here, you can assume so."

"Maybe we could do with his help," said Kira.

"I’d rather he rested before returning to the base," said Garak. "It’s not every day you get news that your family’s been murdered."

Where had that come from?

"I didn’t mean–"

"Oh, I’m absolutely sure you didn’t."

This was getting ridiculous. Kira leaned back from the console and turned to face him. "Garak, if there’s something you want to say to me – say it."

Read the rest of Una McCormack's short story in Star Trek Explorer Presents: "The Mission" And Other Stories, on sale February 13, 2024.