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Gates McFadden Joins Star Trek Online with Refractions Update

Welcome to Refractions!

Star Trek Online visual key art featuring Beverly Crusher and Terran Emperor Wesley Crusher and The Other (mirror universe of V'ger)

The conclusion to the Terran Gambit story arc for the free-to-play MMORPG, Star Trek Online is here!

What began with Reflections ends with Refractions as Terran Emperor Crusher has nearly made his way to Earth with “The Other,” the Mirror version of our V’ger, to destroy the capitol of the Federation.

Before he gets to Earth, you and your allies must break into a maximum-security prison in the Mirror Universe in a new 5 Captain Ground Task Force Operation “Bird Cage” and break out the Mirror version of Beverly Crusher in the hopes that she might help stop her son. Gates McFadden joins our long list of Star Trek cast members in this release.

Star Trek Online: Refractions - Launch Trailer

In our new giant-sized episode “Fujiwhara Effect,” Emperor Crusher and “The Other” have made it to Earth. You and your allies must make a desperate attempt to stop him as the galaxy hangs in the balance. If you want to know more, you’ll have to play it — the less spoilers for this one, the better.

In addition to this, there are two new Patrols based on content from previous release, Ascension. Both of these patrols fill in more details from Ascension. How did Janeway’s Borg drones get cleared from Jupiter Station? And what happened to the Khonshu while it was trapped in the Mirror Universe?

In addition to this release, Star Trek Online is celebrating our 13th anniversary. Play the new content above, along with some previous Terran Gambit content, and the Omega Stabilization Game, to earn the brand new V’Ger tech-inspired Compiler Science Dreadnought [Tier-6]. This gigantic, alien ship can transform itself into electric probes that will chase your enemies. Anniversary Celebration festivities kicked off this week and will continue until February 23.

The Other, the mirror version of the V'ger, helmed by Terran Emperor Crusher - Star Trek Online

This fantastic starship is visually inspired by a mix between the visuals of the V’Ger entity as seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (as well as concept art from the same), along with a portion of custom designs created in Star Trek Online for fleshing out the technology and enemies associated with “The Other,” as seen in the current story arc.

It wouldn’t be an anniversary without a brand-new Party Popper to earn. The 13th Anniversary version of the annual toy-device takes the grand, cosmic power of V'ger and shrinks it down to an itty bitty party horn.

Work on the Terran Gambit storyline kicked off in early 2021, and the Star Trek Online team has done a great job in bringing it to life. Along the way Kate Mulgrew, Wil Wheaton, and Gates McFadden joined the big cast of Star Trek actors. We can’t wait for you to play it!

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