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2011 Comic-Con Day 3 Recap

2011 Comic-Con Day 3 Recap

The mega-party that is Comic-Con 2011 continued yesterday, and there was no denying Star Trek’s major presence. patrolled the convention floor once again and we’re pleased to report back with the following recap of what we saw on Friday and offer a preview of things to come today.

Anovos (Booth #2913-E) was the center of activity yesterday. Community co-star Danny Pudi (Abed) stopped by with the G4 crew in the Star Trek 2009 replica science uniform. He was joined by a lady of Starfleet, Yaya Han, in the 2009 red Uhura uniform, but was distracted by a fan dressed as Captain Picard. Later in the day, G4's Alex Sam-Wise swung in and tried on Uhura's red dress. Fans should stop by the Anovos booth to see many of the high-end replica uniforms from The Original Series and the 2009 movie, including Kirk's green wrap. And don't forget to pick up Anovos' Comic-Con exclusive offering, featuring three Star Trek patches for only $20.

In the same booth, eFX showed off the “Catspaw” Enterprise Stunt Phaser and “The Cage” Communicator props. Fans can win an eFX tricorder at the Star Trek costume contest at the CBS booth (#4129) on Sunday at 12 noon!

William Shatner also had a big day and seemed to be everywhere. There he was on Epix’ panel for The Captains, joined by previously announced guest Avery Brooks, moderator Kevin Smith and surprise guest Scott Bakula. Bakula thanked Shatner for paving the Trek way, noting that “without him we wouldn’t be here today.” At the very end of it, Shanter led the packed room in an extended “Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan” yell. Shatner later signed posters of The Captains and, later still, he participated in a live half-hour Q&A with fans that aired on the Epix site. And then he… well, you get the idea.

If you have an extra $5,000, pick up one of the official Enterprise replicas from The Original Series or the 2009 movie at the QMx booth (#2944). If you don't have that kind of latinum, then definitely stop by the booth to check out these incredible replicas.

In addition to William Shatner signing The Captains posters, fans lined up to meet Sheldon (better known as Emmy Award winner Jim Parsons) and The Big Bang Theory cast at the CBS booth, along with Mike Johnson (writer) and Tim Bradstreet (artist) of the new Star Trek comic series at IDW Publishing's booth (#2643).

And now for a look at some of today’s scheduled events:

All Day: TNG signing with Marina Sirtis (Councilor Troi) and Michael Dorn (Worf) at Lightspeed booth #3745.

10:00am: Author Chip Carter will be signing the new Obsessed with Star Trek book at Chronicle booth #1506.

1:30pm: Try your hand at Star Trek trivia at the CBS booth (#4129), with prizes from Abrams, Chronicle, Dynomighty, Earloomz, QMx, Westland and Quirk.

3:30pm: Now’s the time to snag exclusive Picard trading cards from Bandai and Enterprise bottle opener keychains at the CBS booth (#4129).

-------------To keep tabs of all the Star Trek action at Comic-Con, be sure to follow us at And check back with tomorrow, as we’ll recap Friday’s Trek-centric happenings and preview what’s coming up on Saturday.