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Published Sep 20, 2023

Star Trek: very Short Treks - 'Worst Contact'

Don't call us; we'll call you.

In "Worst Contact," First Contacts, like first dates, can be awkward.

From the mind of Casper Kelly (Too Many Cooks, Star Trek: Short Treks), Star Trek: very Short Treks celebrates the bold, the silly, and the unusual across the animated universe of Star Trek.

Star Trek: very Short Treks - "Worst Contact" Credits:

Produced By: Awesome Inc
Created By: Casper Kelly
Executive Producers: Casper Kelly & Ashley Kohler
Supervising Producer: Brandon Betts
Producer / Director: Aaron Hawkins
Cast (In Order of Appearance):
Jonathan Frakes (Riker)
Dana Snyder (Bragu)
Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher)
Sarah Sherman (Mucara)

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