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Your Guide to Star Trek: Mission Chicago

Gear up with our go-to guide

Star Trek: Mission Chicago

The wait is almost over: Star Trek: Mission Chicago is only a few days away! If you’re getting your away team together and polishing off the pips of your uniform but still need some advice for what events to attend and panels to catch, you’re in luck. has your handy guide for navigating your way through the con.

Whether you want to catch up with the latest Trek series, reconnect with your legacy favorites, or learn something new, Star Trek: Mission Chicago has a panel for you! Be sure to keep an eye out here and on the official convention website for even more panels and guests being announced daily.

11:30 am - Wil Wheaton Spotlight:Star Trek: The Next Generation star and host of The Ready Room Wil Wheaton takes to the stage to answer fan questions.

12:00 pm - A First Look at Star Trek Online’s Next Story Update: Fans of the game Star Trek Online won’t want to miss this panel exploring the upcoming storylines, featuring Star Trek: Discovery’s Noah Averbach-Katz.

12:30 pm - The LGBTQ Collective: Fans of all identities break down Star Trek’s past, present, and future representation of the LGBTQ+ community.

12:30 pm - Trek Beyond the Screen: Explore the Star Trek literary universe with some of Trek’s authors.

1:00 pm - Star Trek: Enterprise Cast Panel: Stars Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery, and Connor Trinneer revisit Enterprise and answer fan questions.

2:30 pm - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine cast panel: Stars Alexander Siddig, Nana Visitor, and Chase Masterson reflect on the groundbreaking series.

2:30 pm - Doug Jones Spotlight: Saru himself, Doug Jones, will answer fan questions as he reflects on his career.

2:45 pm - Cosplaying From Star Trek at Every Level: Expert cosplayers give advice to those just starting their cosplay journey, or those looking to take their costume to the next level.

4:15 pm - Science in Star Trek: Discovery: Science consultants Dr. Erin Macdonald and Professor Mohamed Noor explore the science behind the series Star Trek: Discovery.

6:15 pm - Trektivism — Our Fandom For Real-World Social Change:Trek actors and fans share how the franchise can inspire leaders in enacting real change in our universe.

10:45 am - The Sid City Social Club Changed Lives During the Pandemic!: In the first in-person gathering of the social club, Alexander Siddig and others share how the actor’s Zoom social club touched lives during the pandemic.

11:30 am - IDIC — Let’s Make It So!: Chase Masterson and her organization Pop Culture Hero Coalition explore how to bring the ideals of Gene Roddenberry to life.

11:30 am - Star Trek: Lower Decks Panel: In their first convention appearance together, series creator Mike McMahan and stars Tawny Newsom, Jack Quaid, Noël Wells, and Jerry O’Connell talk all things Lower Decks.

12:00 pm - James Cromwell Spotlight: James Cromwell, who played Zephram Cochrane in Star Trek: First Contact, will take fan questions.

1:00 pm - George Takei Spotlight: George Takei takes to the stage to share stories of Sulu and answer fan questions.

1:15 pm - A Piece of the Hallmark Action: Get a first look at the upcoming Hallmark Star Trek collectibles being released this year.

2:00 pm - The Firsts and the Onlys: Breaking Barriers in Trek: Fans take a look at characters who broke new ground both within the Star Trek franchise and in our own world.

2:30 pm - Star Trek: Discovery Cast Panel: Join Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Noah Averbach-Katz, Mary Chiffeo, Ken Mitchell, David Ajala, Ian Alexander, and Blu Del Barrio as they discuss Discovery’s journey and where the show might go next.

2:30 pm - Comics: The Final Frontier: Artist Gavin Smith talks about his career, drawing iconic characters from Star Trek, and the upcoming Star Trek IDW comic Mirror War.

4:00 pm - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Panel: Go inside the newest Paramount+ original series with stars Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn, Ethan Peck, and Celia Rose Gooding as well as producers Henry Alonso Myers and Akiva Goldsman.

5:00 pm - Star Trek: Picard Cast Panel: Stars Michelle Hurd, Isa Briones, Annie Wersching, and Evan Evagora dive into Picard’s latest season and share their Star Trek memories from working on the show.

5:30 pm - Kate Mulgrew Spotlight and Book Reading: Captain Janeway herself beams to the stage to answer fan questions and read from her book How to Forget: A Daughter’s Memoir. She will be signing books after the conclusion of the panel.

6:15 pm - Beam Me Up, Jackie! An Extra-Galactic Drag Extravaganza!: Join RuPaul’s Drag Race star and Trek fan Jackie Cox in a musical and comedy celebration of Star Trek!

10:30 am - The Future is Female: From the shows themselves to tie-in materials, female fans explore the way that Star Trek has depicted women.

11:00 am - Star Trek: Prodigy Panel: Star Kate Mulgrew, series co-creator Dan Hageman, and executive producer/director Ben Hibon share stories from the bridge of the Prodigy.

12:30 pm - William Shatner Spotlight: Join William Shatner as he answers fan questions and reminisces about his time as James T. Kirk.

2:00 pm - Walter Koenig Spotlight: Walter Koenig will answer fan questions and talk about his time playing the role of Pavel Chekov.

2:00 pm - Star Trek & Disability: The Highs, the Lows, and Where We’ll Go: Join Star Trek fans as they explore the ways Star Trek has succeeded or missed the mark in terms of disability representation, as well as where the franchise could go next.

2:15 pm - DISCODoesDnD at Mission: Chicago!: Join the intrepid crew of the U.S.S. Discovery as they boldly go on a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign, all in front of a live audience.

3:30 pm - The Women of Star Trek: Actresses from all corners of Star Trek share their stories of inspiring others through their own Trek journeys. The panel will feature Nana Visitor, Michelle Hurd, Isa Briones, Robin Curtis, Annie Wersching, Chase Masterson, and Natalija Nogulich

Your crew for the con might have a few ensigns who are eager to learn more about the world of Star Trek. Share the final frontier with them with these kid-friendly panels throughout the con!

11:45 am, Friday - Welcome to Starfleet Academy!: Dr. Erin Macdonald provides a look at the roles on a starship and invites ensigns to find out what role they’d be best suited for.

1:45 pm, Friday - Story Time with Robb Pearlman: New York Times bestselling Trek writer Robb Pearlman shares excerpts from his latest Star Trek children’s books. This event will also take place at 12:45 pm on Saturday.

3:45 pm, Saturday - Learn to Draw Star Trek:Star Trek comics artist Gavin Smith leads a class for cadets and parents on how to draw their favorite Star Trek characters. This event will also take place at 3:45 pm on Saturday, and at 1:45 pm on Sunday.

11:45 am, Saturday - Build Your Own Planet!: Dr. Erin Macdonald will lead a class on solar systems and the different kinds of planets and stars found within one.

11:45 am, Sunday - Science Officers of Star Trek: Prodigy: Cadets can learn all about the science of Star Trek: Prodigy, from how transporters work to what makes the U.S.S. Protostar fly.

While at Mission Chicago, enjoy a screening of the newly remastered Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Director’s Edition with David C. Fein, the man behind the remaster. With new audio and deleted scenes, this is one screening you won’t want to miss. Join us on the main stage at 4 pm on Friday.

Excited for the con? Counting down the days? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to @StarTrek on social!