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Who Said It: Captain Pike or Mr. Spock?

Can you match the quote with the iconic Star Trek character?

Who Said It: Pike or Spock?

You asked, and now it's happening.Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which follows the adventures of Captain Christopher Pike, Spock and Number One on the U.S.S. Enterprise, is now streaming on Paramount+.

Before you dive into the new series, let’s see how much you know about these two legendary characters from their heroic exploits on Star Trek: Discovery.

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The game is simple: the quiz presents a quote — you tell us who said it. It starts easy and gets more obscure as it goes. At the end, you’ll get an assignment to Starfleet based on your knowledge of the dynamic duo.

Now, be bold, use logic – and take the quiz below! And don’t forget, you can stream Discovery, Strange New Worlds and every other Star Trek series in its entirety, using Paramount+.