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Where Are They Now? Star Trek: Picard Edition

Get caught up before the final voyage begins on February 16!

Illustrated banner featuring where we last saw the cast of Star Trek: Picard Season 3 / Rob DeHart

As excitement ramps up for the premiere of Star Trek: Picard’s third season, we’re preparing ourselves emotionally to see characters that haven’t been on our screens in a very long time. It’s a big deal to see so many favorites from Star Trek: The Next Generation again.

Some of these characters we’ve encountered very recently within the Star Trek world, but others we haven’t caught up with in decades. If you need a refresher on where these characters are now, we’re here to help. Welcome to Where Are They Now: Star Trek: Picard edition!

Official Trailer | Star Trek: Picard - Season 3

Jean-Luc Picard

Star Trek: Picard | Season 3 Cast Photo - Sir Patrick Stewart

We last saw Jean-Luc Picard in the Season 2 finale of Star Trek: Picard. Our intrepid captain (now retired admiral!) was the commandant of Starfleet Academy, and after going back in time and confronting the trauma of his past, he chose to settle down at his family estate in Labarre, France, with his now-girlfriend, Laris. Though he is an android in the artificial body intended for Alton Soong, Picard continues to age as he normally would have and will eventually die.

Beverly Crusher

Star Trek: Picard | Season 3 Cast Photo - Gates McFadden

We haven’t seen the good doctor since the events of Star Trek Nemesis, the final movie featuring The Next Generation cast. In fact, she’s the only regular cast member who hasn’t been seen or mentioned in Star Trek: Picard thus far. When we last saw her, she was still the ship’s doctor on the Enterprise-E. Her son Wesley Crusher appeared briefly in the second season of Star Trek: Picard as a Traveler.

William Riker

Star Trek: Picard | Season 3 Cast Photo - Jonathan Frakes

Thanks to Star Trek: Picard’s first season, we know where Will Riker is — on Nepenthe with his wife Deanna Troi and daughter Kestra. The couple moved to Nepenthe after their son, Thaddeus, came down with a deadly virus because the soil had regenerative properties. Unfortunately, Thad died, but they chose to remain on Nepenthe and away from Starfleet to raise Kestra. Riker returned to the captain’s chair to come to the rescue of Picard in the first season finale.

Deanna Troi

Star Trek: Picard | Season 3 Cast Photo - Marina Sirtis

Deanna Troi was reassigned to the U.S.S. Titan when her husband, Will Riker, became the ship’s captain. She served as the ship’s counselor, as seen on Star Trek: Lower Decks. Troi left Starfleet when her family settled on Nepenthe, where she currently lives with Riker and daughter Kestra. She still hasn’t recovered from the tragedy of losing her son, Thad. When Jean-Luc Picard arrived at Nepenthe to find safety, she expressed fear of the dangers that follow him.


Star Trek: Picard | Season 3 Cast Photo - Michael Dorn

After the destruction of the Enterprise-D, Worf went on to serve as Starfleet’s Strategic Operations Officer for Deep Space 9. He fell in love with and married Jadzia Dax, who later died at the hands of Gul Dukat. Worf was instrumental in shaping the leadership of the Klingon High Council, defeating Chancellor Gowron in single combat and passing the chancellorship to Martok. After the Dominion War ended, Chancellor Martok asked that Worf become the Federation ambassador to the Klingon Empire. Worf, now a member of the House of Martok and ambassador to Qo'noS, was last seen suffering from the effects of too much Romulan ale after Troi and Riker's wedding...

Geordi La Forge

Star Trek: Picard | Season 3 Cast Photo - LeVar Burton

We last saw Geordi La Forge in the film Nemesis where he was serving as the Enterprise-E’s chief engineer and mourning the death of his best friend, Data. Along with Worf, Zhaban mentions La Forge as someone loyal that Jean-Luc should turn to for help in the show’s first season, implying that they maintain a good relationship.

Raffi Musiker

Star Trek: Picard | Season 3 Cast Photo - Michelle Hurd

Raffaela Musiker was the operations officer aboard the U.S.S. Excelsior the last time we saw her, but her path to that position wasn’t smooth. She lost her way after the destruction of Romulus, left Starfleet, and became consumed by her addictions. However, she found a way out of the darkness thanks to her colleagues and Seven of Nine. Raffi has a son, Gabriel, but he wants little to do with her.

Seven of Nine

Star Trek: Picard | Season 3 Cast Photo - Jeri Ryan

Seven ended the second season of Star Trek: Picard with a field commission of Commander on the U.S.S. Stargazer, thanks to Admiral Picard. Seven, whose previous name was Annika Hansen, tried to join Starfleet after returning from the Delta Quadrant on the Starship Voyager, but she was unsuccessful because she was formerly Borg. She settled in as a Fenris Ranger, helping people wherever she could in a lawless part of space before settling uneasily into a role with Starfleet at the encouragement of Picard and Admiral Janeway.


Star Trek: Picard | Season 3 Cast Photo - Brent Spiner

Of all the people on this list, it’s been the longest since we’ve seen Lore. The identical brother of Data, he is unstable and considers himself superior to humans. The Enterprise crew last encountered the android during the events of The Next Generation two-parter “Descent, Parts I and II,” where Lore attempted to take over a group of Borg that had become disconnected from the rest of the Collective. Following these events, Lore was deactivated and dismantled.

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