Final Rank: Ensign
Current status: Inactive (resigned commission 2370)
Full name: Wesley Robert Crusher
Date of birth: July 29, 2349
Place of birth: Earth
Parents: Lt. Cmdr. Jack Crusher (d. 2354) and Dr. Beverly Crusher
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2367-70 (resigned before completing program)
Marital status: Single
Last known whereabouts: Present at the wedding of William T. Riker and Deanna Troi in Alaska, Earth

Starfleet Career Summary

2364 – Took up residence aboard U.S.S. Enterprise-D under guardianship of mother, CMO Dr. Beverly Crusher. After playing key roles in saving Enterprise from recently collapsed star and helping the "Traveler" return Enterprise to Federation space, granted rank of Acting Ensign by Capt. Picard effective Stardate 41263.4. Just prior to 16th birthday, underwent Starfleet Academy entrance exams at Relva VII; failed to gain admission, but scored high enough to allow resubmission in a year. Continued studies aboard Enterprise, gaining advance academic credit.

2365 – First command assignment granted by Cmdr. Riker during geological survey onDrema IV.

2366 – Accepted into Starfleet Academy, but unable to start classes due to involvement in rescue of kidnapped crewmates; upon successful resolution of incident, was granted field promotion to rank of full Ensign by Capt. Picard. (Arrangements made to complete academy courses aboard Enterprise.)

2367 – Final assignment as Enterprise crew member (diplomatic mission to Pentarus V with Capt. Picard ) interrupted when transport shuttle crashed on Lambda Paz; credited with saving Capt. Picard's life. Entered Starfleet Academy mid-term as full-time student.

2368 – As sophomore in Starfleet Academy, gained entry into Nova Squadron flight team. While on vacation from academy and visit to Enterprise, helped foil Ktarian plot to gain control of Federation by way of psychotropic recreational devices. Forced to repeat sophomore year after inquiry into death of Nova Squadron member Joshua Albert revealed cover-up on part of squadron cadets.

2370 – Resigned Starfleet commission, dropping out of academy. Chose to live among Native American colonists on Dorvan V, reportedly to learn from the "Traveler" and journey to other planes of existence.

Psychological Profile: Starfleet Academy Counselor's Office

Final Entry

Crusher is a gifted human male whose early genius of childhood and promising Starfleet career were shockingly cut short in an Academy scandal, leading the disillusioned young man to a unique life accompanying the transdimensional Tau Alphan dubbed the Traveler, last seen in 2370.

The subject was born while his mother was in Starfleet Medical school preparing for a service career; his father, a lieutenant at the time, died in 2354 while on a U.S.S. Stargazer away mission under Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Some 10 weeks after Wesley's birth his father recorded a holomessage that was not revealed to him until early 2367. Before he died, though, Jack had taught his son how to play baseball, which became Wesley's favorite sport. Picard did not see the boy from the time of Jack's death until he came aboard the new Galaxy-class U.S.S. Enterprise with his mother at Deneb IV's Farpoint Station in 2364.

Wesley always proved a challenge to Picard because of the elder's resentment toward children, but continuously impressed him with his knowledge of engineering and scientific examinations. Wesley was severely affected by the Tsiolkovsky infection and briefly hijacked the Enterprise from within engineering by removing and scrambling a major isolinear chip array. However, the incident did allow Wesley to display his knowledge of the ship's inner workings.

Picard and Dr. Crusher were first made aware of the teen's Mozart-like genius and destiny in 2364 while the Traveler was assisting in extreme warp speed experiments. He was one of the few to begin tapping the power within him that most people ignore, the Traveler told them — the power that leads to genius and insight.

Following that encounter, the captain named Wesley an acting ensign on Stardate 41263.4 to gain bridge access and begin studies for Starfleet Academy entrance exams. He qualified to take the exam later that year on Relva VII, one month shy of his 16th birthday, but placed second out of four when only one slot was open. Still, the rating was high enough to allow shipboard "correspondence" courses to be counted for credit hours through testing at sites such as Starbase 515.

He had admitted to being "sort of" afraid of lightning storms and Bulgallian rats, but his greatest fear — as revealed by Starfleet Academy's choice for his psych exam — had been whether he would be able to choose among lives in a no-win situation as Picard did, a choice that led to Jack's death. The death of Jeremy Aster's mother in 2366 brought back bad memories of his own father's death, but it gave Wesley a chance to finally express the repressed anger he held for many years toward Picard.

Later in 2366, because he chose to help rescue Commander Riker, Deanna Troi and her mother and miss his chance at the Starfleet Academy entrance orals he finally qualified for, Picard granted him a field promotion to full ensign about Stardate 43931. He continued to earn Academy credits based on his shipboard work and experience, prior to his acceptance for admission, and always received top grades

With a late vacancy opening up, he finally left the U.S.S. Enterprise to accept an appointment to Starfleet Academy on Stardate 44307.3, but not before outwitting an inept freighter pilot and an electronic forcefield to penetrate a water source and save Picard when they crash-landed on a desert moon.

Once at the Academy, he was an infrequent message sender to his mother, finally writing to her on Stardate 44821.3: he was at the top of his exobiology class, but struggling in ancient philosophies. While visiting the U.S.S. Enterprise during an Academy vacation circa Stardate 45208, he single-handedly foiled a Ktarian invasion of the Federation by mind control aboard his old ship, in part by reconnecting Data's severed positronic links. His sparsely decorated dorm room included models of the 20th Century Apollo command/service modules and Starfleet's century-old Constitution-class starship.

Wesley's storybook life turned sour rapidly later that year, just before Academy graduation, when as a member of the Academy's crack Nova Squadron precision flight team, he initially took part in a cover-up before an inquiry board regarding their stunt crash that proved fatal to a team member, Cadet Joshua Albert. As with all but their leader, who was expelled, he received a reprimand and a year's worth of canceled credits after confessing, once Picard lectured him on the higher duty of truth even over that of friendship. Guilt over his formerU.S.S. Enterprise crewmates' disappointment in him and the elder Albert's anguish at his son's presumed failure provided a double burden as well.

The incident left his heart heavy, so he was already dissatisfied with his life path in 2370 when the burgeoning Maquis movement led him to resign on the spot from Starfleet at Dorvan V when he could not support the evacuation of the colonists there. It was here where he eventually left to join the Traveler on his third appearance, after bidding farewell to Picard and his somewhat numb mother.

When younger, Wesley had suffered from loneliness when peers were intimidated by his bright mind, and he showed a tendency to take his duties almost too seriously. He had been torn between staying aboard or leaving with his mother for her new post in 2365, but he remained aboard with her permission and the support of the senior staff and Guinan. Within his first year off-ship, though, he had become much more at ease with women and proficient at practical jokes, but he was no better a dancer than when his mother had last tried to teach him.

During his years on the U.S.S. Enterprise, he was sentenced to death on Rubicun III in 2364 by the Edo while on shore leave, and his youthful leadership skills led him to be kidnapped by the sterile Aldeans. He has twice saved his mother directly: once in 2365 by tracking the Ansata terrorists holding her hostage through their dimensional shift, and in 2366 by creating a gateway back from the warp-bubble reality closing in on her. It was his experiment that had gone awry that caused her loss, but it was this dilemma which prompted a second visit from the Traveler, who aided him.

Significant romantic encounters have included the Daledian princess Salia in 2365, his first ever at age 16, and Ensign Robin Lefler, an Enterprise junior engineer, during his freshman Academy year in 2368.

Medical Update

Wesley has a birthmark in the buttocks or groin area and is allergic to metorapan treatments. In the Nova Squadron crash he suffered second-degree burns on his chest and a multiple fracture in the right arm.