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Warren Stevens, 1919-2012

Warren Stevens, 1919-2012 is saddened to report the passing of Warren Stevens, who died on March 27 at the age of 92, succumbing to lung disease. A veteran character actor, Stevens’ stage, film and television career spanned from the late-1940’s to the late-2000’s and included everything from Actor’s Studio, Forbidden Planet (as Doc Ostrow) and The Twilight Zone to Gunsmoke, Police Woman and ER, and it featured one memorable foray into the Star Trek universe. Stevens guest starred as the Kelvan leader Rojan in the second-season Star Trek: The Original Series episode “By Any Other Name.”

Stevens died at his home in Sherman Oaks, California. He is survived by his wife of 43 years, Barbara, and three sons, Laurence, Adam and Matthew. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.