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Trek's Most Confident Doctor Is...

Trek's Most Confident Doctor Is...’s quest to determine the best-ever Star Trek doctor continued last week with the question “Which Star Trek doctor was the most confident.” Fans clearly are taking these polls seriously and voting for their favorites en masse, as once again more than 10,000 of you participated.  And your most confident doctor is…

The Doctor (44%)
Bones (19%)
Bashir (17%)
Crusher (8%)
Phlox (7%)
Pulaski (5%)

Do you agree with the results? While you soak in the numbers, here’s what some of your fellow fans had to say:

“The Doctor was programmed to be that way, so should he really count? He isn't "confident" or "skilled", he's programmed. Bashir is both of those things, but due to his genetic modifications, he probably shouldn't count either. Bones, therefore, is the only answer left.” – Timothy Colin Davies“Bashir because he was arrogant as all get-out.” – Hugh Ross“I voted for the EMH because he was the most confident, but my favorite Star Trek Doctor was Bones.” – Gwendolyn Dianne Simmins“Doctor Pulaski was always calm and collected.” – Darin Beaudreau“Most confident (more like over-confident) Doc is the EMH without a doubt.” – Che Quartez