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ThinkGeek Releases Enterprise Pizza Cutter

ThinkGeek Releases Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Any way you slice it, ThinkGeek has come up with one of the coolest Star Trek products to come down the wormhole in a long, long time.

You ready? You sitting?

ThinkGeek has just introduced the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter, modeled after the USS Enterprise from TOS. You simply grip the “nacelles” and use the “hull” to slice through your pizza. No dilithium crystals necessary.

Ty Liotta, Senior Merchandiser at ThinkGeek, said "After years of staring at the iconic shape of the Star Trek Enterprise we finally realized in one 'aha!' moment what the saucer section of the ship was best used for... cutting pizza! After a bit of ergonomic adjustment we ended up with the best pizza wheel on this side of the galaxy."

The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza cutter features all-metal construction and a sharp stainless-steel blade. The product is available here and sells for the suggested retail price of $24.99.