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The Trek Series That Deserved Another Season Is...

The Trek Series That Deserved Another Season Is...

Which Star Trek series deserved another season? That was the question asked in last week’s poll. The options, of course, were The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. More than 35,000 fans voted and the results are in. And let’s just say that the galaxy’s Enterprise lovers turned out in full force. Here are the numbers:

Enterprise (35%)

The Original Series (20%)

The Next Generation (17%)

Voyager (15%)

Deep Space Nine (12%)

The Animated Series (1%)

Here’s what some of your fellow fans had to say in their Facebook comments:

Enterprise. Like DS9, it was just starting to come into its own by the 4th season. Season 5 would have been amazing.” – Jon Brennan

Voyager needs another season or two.” – Carrie Tye

“I don't understand why more people aren't voting for The Animated Series. They had some awesome episodes and did some things that weren't possible in live action. The first season had 16 episodes and the second only had six episodes and it certainly deserved more.” – Chris Levebvre

“I'd say TOS with reservations - the third season was mostly horrible, and a fourth would have had to greatly improve on it.” – Joe Cogan

ENTERPRISE. It ended when it *finally* became what it needed to be from the start, and they were just about on the Romulan War too.” – Anthony Eremondi

DEEP SPACE 9, people. Come on. It should have had a movie to tie up all those loose ends!!” – Benjamin Clark

“My vote is for Enterprise, except that they killed off Trip. It wouldn't be the same without him.” – Julie Hart

“’Which Star Trek series deserved another season?’ Clearly, TOS was canceled way too early, as shown by the longevity of the franchise.” – Mike Sarno

Enterprise! I am sad at how it ended and it could have been so interesting with the continuation of exploring the galaxy.” – Tamara Laura Nicole

“I actually really liked The Animated (Series), cheesy though the animation was, but I couldn't see another season of it doing anything at that time. I see why people said Enterprise, but Star Trek fatigue had set in. DS9 was my favorite, but the arc was done. Voyager got home, so that was done. TNG was the longest-lasting, so we were pretty satisfied. That's why I say TOS. It would have been nice for it to run its five-year mission and end on a better note than ‘Turnabout Intruder.” -- James Martin

Enterprise - I feel like the other shows finished when it was their time.” – Kellen Tyler

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