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SearchGo To Dashboard Vault: A Finale Call Sheet Vault: A Finale Call Sheet dips into our Star Trek Vault for a look back at the middle of the end. By that we mean, we got our hands on a Star Trek: Enterprise call sheet from March 3, 2005, when the cast and crew of Enterprise were on day 5 of 8 of filming the series finale, "These Are the Voyages."

Among those working that day: Most of the regular cast, as well as guest stars Marina Sirtis, Jeffrey Combs and Jonathan Frakes. We love that a character is referred to as Lead Creepy Alien and that there's even a stunt double for Lead Creepy Alien. Among the informative notes: "Explosions and debris work today on Stage 8." And there are also details about visiting press, including TV Guide, Ian Spelling, Kate O'Hare and The Insider.

Tidbits from the flip side of the call sheet include: stunts, such as "Aliens blown up" and "Archer decked;" set lighting -- Reed alert; props required were MACO gear, Armadillo case, Frankenstein monster, photo of Trip, Trip's personal stuff, alien weapons. The FX Coordinator was Rich Ratliff, an industry veteran who'd previously worked on Voyager and went on to work on Star Trek (2009). Credited as Lab Makeup (part of the Makeup & Hair unit) was Earl Ellis, who'd previously plied his craft on Voyager and later on Star Trek (2009), as well as The Cabin in the Woods.