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Star Trek London Announces New Guests

Star Trek London Announces New Guests

Destination Star Trek London is getting closer and closer, and the anticipation is building as the guest list grows. We’ve already told you that the five Captains will take the stage, together, and also broke news of appearances by the Klingons Martok, Gowron and B’Etor, a/k/a J.G. Hertzler, Robert O’Reilly and Gwynyth Walsh. Well, more guests are locked in, 10 of them in fact, and Destination Star Trek London will announce their names at a rate of two a day starting today. First up are... Walter Koenig and Arlene Martel.

Koenig, of course, is Star Trek's legendary original Chekov. He's been busy lately acting and directing, and writing comic books. And, this fall, he'll be honored with a long-overdue Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Martel is a veteran actress best famous for her role as Spock's Vulcan bride T'Pring in the TOS episode "Amok Time."  Koenig and Martel will be on hand Saturday and Sunday, with photo opps on both days. Koenig photo opps will cost 20 pounds (UK), wile Martel photo opps with cost 15 pounds (UK).

Keep an eye on the official Star Trek Facebook page every day this week to check out who else will be getting in on the action at Destination Star Trek London. Also, photo opportunity tickets will go on sale at the same time guest names are announced.

Click HERE to visit the Destination Star Trek London site, HERE to purchase entry tickets and HERE for photo opp tickets.