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Star Trek: Attack Wing's Wave 7 Preview: Ni'Var

Star Trek: Attack Wing's Wave 7 Preview: Ni'Var has the second of three exclusive early looks at NECA/WizKids Games’ tactical space combat miniatures game, Star Trek: Attack Wing. Today, we are looking at the contents of the Vulcan Ni’Var Expansion Pack, which will be available in September as part of the Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 7 release. The Ni’Var’s special ability will be beneficial during the first round of engagements, when ships are just getting into range of one another. If closer engagements are a player’s style, Sopek provides the ability to field all three of the Vulcan Commandos from the expansion and has the ability to re-deploy more to your ship for a second strike.

For added survivability, players may want to consider Kuvak as their captain of choice. They can also add V’Las as the Admiral of their fleet or opt to use him as a skill 5 Captain.

If players want to use the Photonic Weapon, they will need to use Combat Vessel Variant tech upgrade to provide the Weapon Upgrade slot to their ship. If they are more concerned with surviving engagements after delivering the Vulcan Commandos, the Tractor Beam may be a more attractive option. Taking Decisive Action would only be logical when one wants to avoid the hand of fate impacting an important attack, especially while trying to stay alive after rescuing Archer and T’Pol during the Commando Raid mission.

Visit NECA/WizKids for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing, and keep an eye on for a preview of the final ship in Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 7.