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Official Starships Reveals Delta Flyer And Romulan Drone Ship

Official Starships Reveals Delta Flyer And Romulan Drone Ship

Star Trek The Official Starships Collection has released the first official images of Part 38 and 39’s additions to the fleet, available for pre-order now.

Part 38 introduces the Delta Flyer. This unique Starfleet craft, first seen in the Star Trek: Voyagerepisode "Extreme Risk," was constructed in the Delta Quadrant by the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 using both Starfleet and Borg technology.

Part 39 features a 22nd-century Romulan drone-ship, designed to be a remotely controlled attack vessel taking orders directly from Romulus. Its multispectral emitter allowed it to mimic other ships – including the Enterprise NX-01 - and disrupt a major political alliance in the Enterprise episode "Babel One."

The Official Starships Collection is available in selected retailers and by subscription. For more information visit And keep an eye on for additional information about upcoming releases and for detailed looks at each ship as it is released.


Got any questions about the collection and forthcoming models? Editorial Manager Ben Robinson will be providing answers to a short Q&A next week. Send in your questions here.