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Linda Park's Urbn Harvest

Linda Park's Urbn Harvest

Linda Park spent four years exploring the galaxy on Star Trek: Enterprise, but her latest project finds her exploring the beauty of Earth or, more specifically, Los Angeles, and, even more specifically… her own backyard. Park has created, executive produces and will often appear on camera as part of Urbn Harvest, a cooking web series with a very personal touch.

Here’s how Park describe the show’s mission statement on the Urbn Harvest main page:

Urbn Harvest

“My name is Linda Park and I’m an actress living and working in Los Angeles. I love this city. I get the mountains and the ocean both in a half hour radius and I have access to some of the freshest most vital produce around.

“Los Angeles is blessed with ample sunshine and rich soil where growing is so easy and is a year round endeavor. Most everyone has some access to a little outdoor space to turn their dirt into edible gold. From Venice to Echopark, there is a thriving community of agrarians that grow their own vegetables, raise their own chickens and experiment with the myriad forms of composting. Los Angeles is also rich in creativity and self expression; a diverse group of artists and makers people this city and it’s no wonder that many of their artistic expressions reach out to their gardens and their kitchens.”

Visit to learn more. Also, keep an eye out for Park’s latest acting endeavor, a recurring role on the upcoming TNT series Legends. The show casts Park as a FBI behavioral analyst who monitors the mental stability of Martin Odum (Sean Bean), a deep-cover FBI agent who begins to question his identity following an encounter with a mysterious stranger.