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Introducing the Orassin Expansion Pack for Attack Wing

Introducing the Orassin Expansion Pack for Attack Wing

The Xindi have returned with the Xindi-Insectoid ship, Orassin.

This November, WizKids/NECA will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 27, and has the exclusive First Look at the ships in the upcoming expansion packs, concluding with the Orassin Expansion Pack.

The Orassin is a Xindi-Insectoid Starship. This Xindi warship is well armed with torpedoes and pulse-firing phase cannons. The Xindi-Insectoids are a highly aggressive race and have made an alliance with the equally hostile Xindi-Reptilians.

The stats for the Orassin are identical to the Diaspora, which was previously only available as an organized play prize. The special ability on the Orassin allows you to spend your Battle Station Token to convert one of your hit results into a critical hit result when attacking. This ship gives you the potential to strike hard when you need it most. The Xindi-Insectoids are known for being ruthless and, with a little luck, you might even cause a Warp Core Breach.

The Captain in the Orassin Expansion Pack is Insectoid Councilor. A level 7 Captain Insectoid Councilor allows you to convert one of your opponent’s Evade results into a blank result each time you attack. Afterwards you must deal one damage to your ship’s Shields or Hull.

Thalen is one of two Elite Talent Upgrades found in the Orassin Expansion Pack. Thalen adds 1 Weapon Upgrade slot to your Upgrade bar. If the additional Weapon Upgrade is a Xindi Upgrade, its cost is -2SP. When firing a secondary weapon, you may disable this card to gain +1 attack die (max 6). The Xindi have plenty of Weapon Upgrades to choose from and discounted Xindi weapons that can add +1 attack die make this Elite Talent something to consider as part of your next Xindi Fleet.

Xindi Council is the other Elite Talent in this Expansion Pack. Place 1 Mission Token on this card for each damage your ship suffers to its Hull or Shields (max 4). When attacking or defending, you may discard this card to re-roll a number of your attack or defense dice up to the number of Mission Tokens on this card. Combined with Insectoid Councilor, you can both reduce the Evade results your opponent rolls and help get Mission Tokens onto this card quicker.

Insectoid Raiding Party is a Crew Upgrade that allows you to discard this card in order to discard any Upgrade with a cost of 5 SP or less on the target ship when that ship is within Range 1-2, is not cloaked, and has no Active Shields. In order to perform this action your own ship must also not be cloaked and you have to disable all of your remaining Shields. For only 3 SP this upgrade can be a great way to deal with troublesome upgrades like Cheat Death.

Pulse-Firing Particle Cannon is a Weapon Upgrade that allows you to immediately make a second attack with this weapon against the same target at -1 attack die if the first attack hit. The target ship rolls 1 less defense die against the second attack.

Xindi Torpedoes are the Xindi’s version of Photon Torpedoes. This Xindi weapon costs only 2 SP and can be fired at Range 2-3 for 4 attack dice. 3 Time Tokens are placed on this card when you perform this attack.

Hatchery is the final upgrade in this Expansion Pack. This Tech Upgrade costs 2 SP and adds 1 Crew Upgrade slot to your Upgrade Bar. At the start of the game, place a Xindi Crew Upgrade face down beneath this card. When one of your other Crew Upgrades is discarded, discard this card and flip the card beneath this card face up. That card is now deployed to your ship and maybe used normally.

The Orassin Expansion Pack will help you build and expand your Xindi Fleet. Pool your resources with the other Xindi Races to attempt to remove the human “threat” from the known universe.  Or try your hand at the new Detection Grid Mission included in this Expansion Pack. Either way an exciting new adventure awaits you on board the Orassin.

Visit WizKids/NECA at for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing. And keep an eye on for more First Looks and previews, coming soon.