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International Women's Day, Trek-Style

International Women's Day, Trek-Style

Happy International Women's Day, everyone. Today, March 8, is indeed International Women's Day, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. To mark the occasion we asked fans, via Facebook and Twitter, to share their favorite "Women of Trek" moments.

Here are some of the replies:

"It's a small moment, but I loved when Archer hugged T'Pol in the (Star Trek: Enterprise) series finale. When the show began, her character never would have allowed it."

"Janeway in (the Star Trek: Voyager episode) 'Equinox.' She straddled the line but insisted on doing what was right -- and that speech she gave to the Equinox survivors was great too."

"Honestly, Kira's entire character development in regards to the Cardassians. She went from thinking they're all the same, and the only good Cardassian is a dead Cardassian. I loved seeing her turn from that, and begin to realize that they weren't all evil. Season 1, episode 19, 'Duet,' was the catalyst for her. She's such a well-written character, and I just loved watching her progress and totally change her way of thinking. Also, one of my all-time favorite scenes from DS9 was when she and Odo kissed for the first time in the middle of the promenade."

"'Remember Me,' the 79th episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, where Crusher is the only crew on the Enterprise in a warp bubble, while the rest of the crew try and figure out what is happening. She is left to question her sanity. The episode is significant to me because people keep taking her claims that others are disappearing seriously, even if they could easily be prone to disregard them as hysteria. It felt like a significant and empowering moment for women."

"I always loved the (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) scenes where Kira and Gul Dukat were together and the one where they were walking in the desert and getting to know each other. I loved the back and forth between them prior to Dukat becoming a (jerk) and switching sides."

"When Lt. Uhura took command of the Enterprise and led an all-female landing party to rescue Captain Kirk."

Again, happy International Women's Day -- and what was YOUR favorite women of Trek moment?