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Help Determine The "Most-Boss" of Star Trek Bosses

Help Determine The "Most-Boss" of Star Trek Bosses

Today, October 16 is National Boss's Day. It's an unofficial holiday, to be sure, but we're going to celebrate it anyway -- and we need your help. Star Trek's greatest bosses, of course, are our beloved captains: Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway and Archer. We're going to share a few thoughts about them and then open up the comments to you. What made your favorite captain the boss of all bosses? What traits did he or she possess that made him or her the best boss?

Captain Kirk

Bold, assertive, charming with the ladies and in more in love with on great leady above all others, the Enterprise. He was also fiercely loyal to his crew, particularly with McCoy and Spock, to whom he could give orders and still remain a great friend. As William Shatner might ask, in Kirk voice.... Was. There. A. Better. Boss. Than. Kirk?

Captain Picard

Ah, Picard, the gentleman captain. The boss who leads by example. Who listens to the advice of his crew (yes, despite that "Shut up, Wesley!"). Calm under pressure, even under... how many lights were there? Like Kirk, nothing mattered more to Picard than his crew and his ship, as well as his honor and dignity. The Picard Maneuver, anyone?Captain Sisko

Let's put aside for a moment the fact that Avery Brooks previously played the the most-boss Hawk on Spenser for Hire and his own spinoff, A Man Called Hawk. Brooks' Sisko was tough, impatient and determined, all traits Sisko required to take charge and earn the respect of those around him -- many of them former and current enemies or rebels -- on the space station Deep Space 9. Did we mention Brooks played Hawk?

Captain Janeway

Oh, how we loving our tough-talking, no-nonsense, coffee-guzzling Janeway. She brought together a fractured crew, took out the Borg Queen, got the Voyager home in one piece. And, to paraphrase Frank Sinatra, she did it her way. It was the Janeway or the highway, and we're taking the Janeway.

Captain Archer

You've got to be a "boss" and a boss to tackle the challenges he faced. Remember, despite Enterprise being the last Trek series, Archer was the first Trek captain. And his Enterprise, while no rickety bucket of bolts, demanded a stoic, inventive, adaptable captain to boldly lead his crew into the unknown. Even despite that awful Enterprise theme song, Archer got the job done like a boss.So, who was Star Trek's boss of all bosses? Tell us your thoughts below.  And, in the meantime, Happy Boss's Day.