Happy Captain Picard Day!

It's time to celebrate the man of the hour.

picard day banner


Aujourd'hui, nous célébrons le capitaine Picard!

We’ve been preparing for this day all week! In case you’ve missed it, though (and that’s okay, we’re all busy — worlds to explore, wormholes to guard, and all that), scroll down to see what StarTrek.com’s been cooking up (literally, in some cases) in honor of Captain Picard Day.

We kicked it off with a quick itinerary, straight from the Enterprise Booster Club themselves, running down the list of activities available for crew members and residents who want to join in on the festivities. For those of us back here on Earth, however, the invitation for some slightly more realistic activities went out on Monday morning.

Our party plans included serving up that iconic order “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot,” in two ways, making your very own Captain Picard paper cut out (perfect for your tiny Starfleet Officer), two tasty cocktails, and a simple cupcake tutorial for your party attendee with a sweet tooth.

Not feeling the spirit yet? This “Make it So Montage” will get you there. Also, it doubles as the perfect video to put on loop to provide your celebration with some appropriate Picard-themed atmosphere.

Are you having your own Picard Day party? You should tell us — but more importantly show us — on Twitter. @StarTrek with all your celebrations, costumes, treats, and paper cutouts, and you might see them featured on the site later this month!

But in the meantime, even if you aren’t throwing a party, we would like to wish you a very happy, very merry, Captain Picard Day.