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FIRST LOOKS: Xindi Insectoid Ship and U.S.S. Prometheus

FIRST LOOKS: Xindi Insectoid Ship and U.S.S. Prometheus

Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection has provided with an up-close look at the next two models in the series: the Xindi Insectoid ship and the U.S.S. Prometheus.

Issue 24 is the Xindi Insectoid ship, an unusual, three-pronged design that made its debut in Star Trek: Enterprise’s third season. It was one of the most dangerous ships the crew encountered, used a vortex to travel at high warp speeds and didn’t have anything we’d recognize as a bridge. The ship was designed by John Eaves, who shares his original concept drawings and reveals that he was inspired by... crab claws. The magazine also reveals how Dan Curry designed the Xindi Insectoids themselves.

Issue 25 is the U.S.S. Prometheus, one of the most advanced Starfleet ships ever built. Unlike most Federation vessels, it was designed for combat rather than exploration and could split into three parts to inflict maximum damage upon its opponents. The magazine reveals some previously unknown technical details and shares Rick Sternbach’s original concept artwork, including early versions of the Prometheus that split into five independent ships. The model shows the ship in its combined form.

The Official Starships Collection is available in selected retailers and by subscription. For more information visit And keep an eye on for additional information about upcoming releases and for detailed looks at each ship as they are released.