EXCLUSIVE | RockLove Jewelry Launches All New Crystal Delta Collection

Founder Allison Cimino walks us through the journey and inspiration behind the new line!

Illustrated banner featuring RockLove's Crystal Delta Collection

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Long before RockLove Jewelry's Allison Cimino had any inkling of fandoms or future aspirations as a jeweler, she was a self-identified Trekkie.

Cimino's love of Star Trek stemmed from her childhood activity of watching episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation with her scientist father. At the young age of seven, Cimino recognized Captain Jean-Luc Picard as an "eloquent, poised, intellectual, and kind-hearted" individual, just like her father. From that moment on, he became one of her earliest role models, demonstrating the qualities Cimino wanted to emulate as a leader.

And StarTrek.com is beyond thrilled to share with our readers the announcement of her new line — Star Trek X RockLove Crystal Delta! Shop the collection here!

RockLove Jewelry model showcasing the Crystal Delta earring, ring, and pendant in red

RockLove Jewelry

Available on www.RockLove.com, our new Star Trek X RockLove Crystal Delta sterling silver necklace, earring and ring feature a modern minimalist Starfleet insignia with sparkling custom cut cubic zirconia. The set is available in choices of garnet red, citrine yellow, and sapphire blue crystals to represent your command, communication, engineering, science, and medical passions!

To celebrate, we're showing off the collection below as well as getting to know Cimino's journey and how we got to this latest collection.

Star Trek X RockLove Crystal Delta
Pendant (Red)

Star Trek X RockLove Crystal Delta Pendant (Red)

RockLove Jewelry

StarTrek.com: We’re excited to share your latest announcement — your fifth Star Trek x RockLove collection! Can tell us about the journey from your 2014’s legacy collection, 2016’s 50th anniversary collection, 2018’s Discovery collection, 2020’s Picard collection, to what your all-new 2022 line?

Allison Cimino: Before founding RockLove, I was a musician, dancer, and theatre performer. In this scene, when two artists across disciplines were mutually inspired to collaborate, they earned the nickname “rock loves.” From foundation in 2007, I was collaborating with musicians, authors, and charities, creating for them official jewelry merchandise, in which the proceeds would benefit that artist's choice of purpose. From studio recording time or funds helping them tour, to donating to their local library, each collab was an opportunity to create something truly special for fans while reaching new audiences for RockLove. In 2014, the CBS Consumer Products team cold-called me after seeing work I had done with Clive Barker (of Hellraiser). They asked if I was a Star Trek fan and if I had interest in creating jewelry together. With a resounding YES (and then immediately calling my dad), the Star Trek X RockLove line was born and I took my first formal step into the licensing industry!

Your First Look at Star Trek: Picard


As an OG fandom, each new frontier inspired collections. First, the classic 2014 collection included RockLove’s iconic two-piece U.S.S. Enterprise ring that docked and separated. The 2016 Star Trek 50th anniversary collection was expansive, with our best-selling gemstone Trillion Ring and Necklace series, IDIC and Vulcan Script Necklaces, and more. At the 2016 Star Trek Mission Con, we debuted limited edition 50th anniversary editions in 14K yellow gold and precious gems, and then in 2018, we created pieces inspired by the Klingon armor featured in Star Trek: Discovery. One of my personal favorite career moments occurred in 2020; I was invited by Prop Master Jeff Lombardi to create jewelry worn on-screen for Star Trek: Picard. The Omega Necklace, featured prominently in Season 1, was not only worn throughout by actress Isa Briones as Dahj and Soji, but was held in the hands of my lifelong idol, Sir Patrick Stewart.

In 2021, RockLove revealed a Women of Star Trek collection featuring earrings inspired by Uhura, Guinan and Kira Nerys. And now in 2022, we are launching the all-new line of Crystal Delta jewelry. A sleek rendition of the Starfleet insignia in polished sterling silver and custom cut crystals, I’m so excited for this classic and sophisticated series to release, as we continue to share our love for Star Trek with fellow fans!

Star Trek X RockLove Crystal Delta
Earring, Ring, and Pendant (Yellow)

Star Trek X RockLove Crystal Delta Earring, Ring, and Pendant (Yellow)

RockLove Jewelry

StarTrek.com: You’ve often credited CBS for reaching out and taking a chance on an independent jeweler as the start of the RockLove we now know today. Can you share more about that first contact?

Allison Cimino: Star Trek was the first license that I worked with that I would consider a “household name.” For a company as large as CBS to approach an independent jeweler, who at that point was handcrafting and shipping every piece from a home office and studio, the Consumer Products team took a leap of faith. And while I had up to that point demonstrated seven years of quality, consistency, and professionalism, it is with greater perspective and experience in the licensing industry that I now realize just how rare of an opportunity this was. CBS allowed me to propose my own jewelry designs, and trusted me to build a premium jewelry line befitting of the Star Trek legacy. By rising to this challenge, it set me on a trajectory that now includes designing RockLove halo lines for all the dream franchises including Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pokémon and more.

Always aligned with the values of Star Trek, RockLove continues to grow as a women-run small but mighty team. We hire, mentor, support, and amplify role models and creators of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. To positively influence the lives of others in the way Star Trek positively impacted mine.

Star Trek X RockLove Crystal Delta
Earring, Ring, and Pendant (Blue)

Star Trek X RockLove Crystal Delta Earring, Ring, and Pendant (Blue)

RockLove Jewelry

StarTrek.com: Can you tease for us anything about the future and beyond?

Allison Cimino: Next in the pipeline for 2023, I’ve been designing an expansive collection that explores the quintessential Star Trek languages, creating pieces that honor Vulcan, Romulan, and Klingon alphabets, calligraphy, and mantras. Eager to share that series and look beyond, in the ever inspiring and expanding world of Star Trek.

Finally, there’s something special used in filming in Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard! My dream is to someday meet my Captain, tell him I made the jewelry props worn in the show, and take a picture together to send to my dad. Whether it comes true or not, as a life-long inspiration guiding me professionally and personally, the Star Trek fandom will continue to chart my stars.

Star Trek X RockLove Crystal Delta
Earring, Ring, and Pendant (Red)

Star Trek X RockLove Crystal Delta Earring, Ring, and Pendant (Red)

RockLove Jewelry

Check out the Star Trek X RockLove Crystal Delta collection! Be sure to follow @RockLoveJewelry across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for update on their Star Trek designs.

Christine Dinh (she/her) is the managing editor for StarTrek.com. She’s traded the Multiverse for helming this Federation Starship.

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