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RockLove Jewelry Launches New Collection Seen in Star Trek: Picard

RockLove’s Allison Cimino talks with about her latest collaboration.

Rock Love Jewlery

RockLove Jewelry CEO and Designer Allison Cimino is no stranger to Star Trek. Not only is she a lifelong fan, the hardworking artist has been creating jewelry inspired by the series since 2014. Her latest official Star Trek collaboration, however, is close to her heart in more ways than one.

RockLove’s newest Star Trek line includes stunning pieces inspired by Vulcan, Romulan, and Klingon aesthetics with bold lines, mixed metals, and even hidden features. (You’ll immediately fall mind-meld-over-heels with the stacking sterling silver Vulcan pendants.)

Rock Love x Star Trek Collection

But the most striking piece has to be the Omega necklace worn by Dahj and Soji in the first episode of Star Trek: Picard. Not only does it play a prominent role in the story, the necklace’s design is simple yet eye-catching, and immediately recognizable to any fan who has seen the episode. Using the same sculpts as the pendant worn by the mysterious twins, all it takes is a click of the mouse to bring home your own matching necklace directly from the Trek universe.

Allison Cimino chatted about taking her work from design to screen, crafting jewelry that fits into the future, and what it was like seeing her creation in the hands of her hero. How long have you been a fan of Star Trek?

Allison Cimino: When I was seven years old, my mother went back to med school and my father, a university research scientist, would watch reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the evenings that she had long overnights. I'd sneak down from bed and he would allow me to stay up late watching Captain Picard on his many space adventures. This made Star Trek feel very important, like the wisdom it was imparting was so great that it superseded the rules of bedtime.

How did the collaboration with Star Trek: Picard come about?

AC: In 2014, CBS invited me to work on an officially licensed Star Trek jewelry line. Then in 2016, I created a Star Trek 50th anniversary collection. While designing for the newest release of Star Trek X RockLove, the consumer products team introduced me to Jeffrey Lombardi, the props master of Star Trek: Picard. He was looking for a jeweler to translate his designs into wearable reality. As a life-long Trekkie, I gave a resounding, "Yes, please let me be involved in any way!"

Rock Love x Star Trek Collection - Dahj and Soji Necklace

What was it like working with prop master Jeffrey Lombardi?

AC: Filming is fast and the props had an extremely tight deadline. Jeffrey and his team had already designed the jewelry and the renders needed to be made a reality — but in just a week or two! That's very tight for creation, and then we still had to ship from upstate New York to Los Angeles.

While it was in the final casting, plating, and polishing steps, I was still able to offer ideas, with my most impactful being the suggestion and sourcing of the Omega chain for the Dahj & Soji's Necklace. [Comprised of]  futuristic chain of rounded and joined plates, the Omega holds a rigid circle shape and is meant to lay high at the collar bone. The closure is a near-invisible tube that gives the illusion of seamlessness and felt more of the Star Trek universe than a normal chain and clasp.

Are there any special considerations for creating jewelry meant to be worn on screen that viewers might not know about?

AC: When creating props, you always need extras! No matter if something is damaged or misplaced, filming cannot stop, so backups are essential. We made four Dahj & Soji Necklaces in multiple lengths so that they could choose what best fit actress Isa Briones when she arrived on set, and in case any of them broke during her many action sequences. I'm going to have to ask if all four survived; at least one did and was gifted to Isa after the wrap of season one.

Your First Look at Star Trek: Picard

On a personal level, how did it feel to see the Omega necklace in the hands of Captain Picard for the first time?

AC: I cried like a baby and then sent screenshots to my father. Both Sir Patrick Stewart and Captain Picard are my childhood heroes — it's rare that both actor and character are equally inspirational — and seeing him carry around and cradle something that I made was overwhelming. He said it was lovely!Does any particular piece from the Picard collection stand out as a personal favorite?

AC: More prop jewelry will be revealed through season one, though I don't yet know when each is featured. However, I can't imagine anything will top the emotional roller coaster of the Dahj & Soji Omega Necklace featured in the first episode!

My next favorite would be any earrings possibly made for Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan in season two (please please please).Can you give us any hints about what future pieces we might see?

AC: Without giving anything away, keep an eye out for rings.

Star Trek x Rock Love Collection - Dahj and Soji Necklace

Future pieces of the Star Trek collection will be releasing as they appear on Star Trek: Picard, so stay tuned for even more incredible designs from Cimino and RockLove Jewelry.

Kelly Knox (she/her) is a Seattle-area freelance writer who also contributes to,, and Nerdist. Follow her on Twitter at @kelly_knox to talk about just about everything pop culture.

Star Trek: Picard streams exclusively on CBS All Access in the United States, on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories and in Canada on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel  and OTT service Crave.