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Creating Trip Tucker's Flight Jacket

Connor Trinneer's portrayal of Charles "Trip" Tucker III drew from the best aspects of Dr. McCoy and Mr. Scott

All of us at ANOVOS are obviously huge fans of Star Trek’s costumes, though I generally prefer to work with command uniforms when designing products. I like to cast myself in the role of a Starfleet captain, so mostly you’ll see me wearing those colors. But, I have to admit that one of my favorite characters in Star Trek: Enterprise is not in the command division, but is their Chief Engineer... Trip Tucker.

Connor Trinneer's portrayal of Charles "Trip" Tucker III drew from the best aspects of Dr. McCoy and Mr. Scott, and created a new and fresh character from those archetypes. Trip is a perfect sounding board for Captain Archer, and is just as adept at looking after his friends as he is the Enterprise.

When friends and colleagues of ANOVOS asked if we'd ever consider offering our Enterprise Flight Jacket in other department colors, Trip was always the first character that leapt to mind. It wasn't enough to simply change the color of the department stripe from Command gold to Operations red. We also had to ask ourselves, "What would Trip's personal flight jacket look like?" And, as fans ourselves, we knew instantly.

Like Archer's jacket, it follows the same Starfleet uniform patterning, while displaying the Operations department's distinct red shoulder stripes. Trip's right sleeve has the Earth Starfleet emblem, while his left sleeve shows his current assignment aboard the Enterprise. Having worked and become friends with Jonathan Archer from their days in the NX Test Program, Trip proudly displays his "NX Project" development patch. Finally, of course, Trip would keep on his jacket his assignment patch from the time he served aboard the NX-02 Columbia.

Trip’s jacket shell is made of the same soft material as Capt. Archer's Jacket before it, and has been color dyed to match Enterprise’s early-season purple-blue uniforms. The interior sports a warm "Rescue Orange" quilted lining befitting a true flight jacket.

The Star Trek: Enterprise Charles “Trip” Tucker Flight Jacket is available for pre-order online at This item is also eligible for our Payment Plan; details regarding that and more are available at