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Brand-New Trek Hoodies & Tees Available Now

Brand-New Trek Hoodies & Tees Available Now

The Star Trek Shop here at just beamed up an array of brand-new Trek-themed t-shirts and hoodies -- and there's something for everyone. Among the options are:

Assimilate or Die Hoodie. Priced at $49.95, it's available in sizes ranging from small to XXL. Go HERE to purchase. The t-shirt version costs $24.95. Go HERE for it.

Are you a M.A.C.O. -- or want to be? The Enterprise MACO t-shirt is in stock now, priced at $24.95 and available in sizes small to XXL. Click HERE to snag it.

The Enterprise Patch Hoodie comes in sizes from small to XXL and costs $49.95. Warp HERE to buy it. And the t-shirt version costs $24.95 and is available in the same sizes. Go HERE to make it yours.

Klingon fan, are you? Well, the Star Trek Shop offers a new quartet of black t-shirts featuring Klingon sayings (in Klingon, of course), over a Klingon logo. All the shirts cost $24.95 and come in sizes small to XXL. Go HERE for "Honor Is More Important Than Life," HERE for "May You Die Well," HERE for "Stop Talking, Drink," and HERE for "To Really Succeed, You Must Enjoy Eating Poison."

And, lastly, there's the Starfleet Recruitment Poster Hoodie, which reads "See the Galaxy. Join Starfleet" beneath a colorful image of the Enterprise in flight. The hoodie costs $49.95, with sizes spanning from small to XXL, and is available HERE. The t-shirt version is available in the same sizes and is priced at $24.95. Go HERE for it.