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Anthony Montgomery's New Film, Chariot, Out Now on DVD

Anthony Montgomery's New Film, Chariot, Out Now on DVD

Anthony Montgomery fans, your Chariot awaits. Montgomery, Star Trek: Enterprise's Travis Mayweather, stars in and co-produced his latest project, Chariot, an indie thriller that's available now as an exlusive early release DVD at Wal-Mart.

Here are details about Chariot straight from the production team:

"Starring Anthony Montgomery (Star Trek: Enterprise) and an ensemble cast of Texas-based actors, Chariot paints a cautionary tale of what can happen when the good intentions of the U.S. government are poorly executed.

"In the film, seven strangers wake aboard a passenger jet in mid-flight and find themselves unwitting participants in a government evacuation program. As a seemingly devastating attack unfolds on the U.S. homeland, the passengers learn they have been chosen to be saved because of their unique skills and/or political connections. But from the beginning, the plan appears to be ill-conceived and for those aboard things quickly go from bad to worse.

"The film was shot entirely aboard a non-functioning Boeing 727 parked in the back lot of Dallas-based AMS Pictures. Throughout the film, the audience is never allowed to see anything the characters can’t see. Therefore the film contains no exterior shots of the airplane. Unfolding in real time, Chariot boasts a number of surprising revelations and plot twists designed to keep audiences guessing to the end."

Chariot is available now exclusively in Wal-Mart stores and is set to be released on VOD and Redbox before the end of the year. For additional details, click HERE to follow Montgomery on Twitter.